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A snapshot of pre-famine local history, as described in the "Topographical Dictionary of Ireland" by Samuel Lewis, 1837. (The information collected here was submitted by members of the local gentry and clergy of the time).

r KILL of the GRANGE, a parish in the half barony of RATHDOWN, county of DUBLIN, and province of LEINSTER, 5 miles (S.E.) from Dublin City, on the road to Bray (Co. Wicklow) ; containing 1305 inhabitants. This parish comprises 1551 statute acres, besides 257 at the Kill of the Grange or Clonkeen. Much of the land is in pasture, and the system of agriculture is improving.

The mountain and sea views are very fine, and there are many seats, the chief of which are

  • Newtown Park House, the residence of H. S. Close, Esq. ;
  • Belville of Lieut-Col. Cash ;
  • Killiney Castle, of P. Warren, Esq. ;
  • Carriglea of the Rev. T. Goff ;
  • Stoneville of Lieut-Col. Pratt ;
  • Somerton of S. Foote, Esq. ;
  • Newpark of Willoughby Carter, Esq. ;
  • Ferney of H. Scovell, Esq. ;
  • Newtown Park House, of R. Perry, Esq. ;
  • Barton Hall of J. Hall, Esq. ;
  • Eversham of W. Minchin, Esq. ;
  • Abiline and Naesgwydd of T. Dixon, Esq ;
  • Bellosguardo, of R. Powell, Esq. ;
  • Hollyville, of J. B. Stopford, Esq. ;
  • Stillorgan Glebe, of the Rev. E. Greene ;
  • Newtownpark Cottage of C. Doyne, Esq. ;
  • Anglesea of C. Carleton, Esq. ;
  • Johnstown of Capt. Whyte, R.N. ;
  • Woodpark of D. Corneille, Esq. ;
  • Flower Grove of the Rt. Hon. and Rev. Viscount Mountmorres ;
  • Rochestown House of J. Morgan, Esq. ;
  • Springfield of P. Plunkett, Esq. ;
  • Granite Field of Mrs. Spears ;
  • Rochestown Avenue, of B. Molloy, Esq. ;
  • Woodpark, of J. J. Kirk, Esq. ;
  • Rockland, of P. Lynch, Esq. ;
  • Rosey Park of R. Brown, Esq. ;
  • Ashgrove, of J. Murphy, Esq. ;
  • Birch Grove, of G. Williamson, Esq. ; and
  • Kill Abbey of R. Espinasse, Esq. This last seat was the country residence of the deans of Christ Church, Dublin, and is part of the estate of Kill of the Grange of Clonkeen, but has been held by lease for above 120 years by the Espinasse family.

The parish is in the Diocese of Dublin, and is a curacy, forming part of the union of Monkstown ; the rectory is part of the corps of the deanery of Christ Church, Dublin. The tithes amount to £171.15s.3d., of which two-thirds are payable to the dean and one-third to the curate, who also receives £42.2s.6d., as the tithes of the Kill of the Grange of Clonkeen.

In the Roman Catholic divisions it forms part of the union or district of Kingstown and Cabinteely.

There is a parochial school near Cornel's Court ; and C. Doyne, Esq., has erected and supports an infants school near his seat.

The greater part of the village of Newtown Park is in this parish, as is also the village of Killiney, which is delightfully situated. Near it, on the summit of one of the Killiney hills, is an obelisk, commanding extremely beautiful views : it was erected by John Malpas, Esq. ; in 1742, principally to employ the neighbouring poor in a season of distress.

Near Kill Abbey, are the ruins of an old church, in many places covered with ivy; in the cemetery are the remains of an ancient cross, and there are remains of another at the entrance of the road leading to the church. In the demesne of Carriglea is an ancient rath.

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