28th November 1920
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Kilmichael Ambush

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Kilmichael Ambush

Part of the Irish War of Independence

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Monument at the ambush site

Date 28 November 1920


Near Kilmichael, County Cork

51.812°N 9.039°W

Result IRA victory


Flag of Ireland.svg Irish Republican Army

(West Cork Brigade) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Royal Irish Constabulary

(Auxiliary Division)

Commanders and leaders

Flag of Ireland.svg Tom Barry United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Francis Crake MC  †


36 volunteers 1

8 officers

Casualties and losses

3 dead 17 dead, 1 wounded

Kilmichael Ambush is located in IrelandKilmichael Ambush

Location within Ireland


Irish War of Independence


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The Kilmichael Ambush (Irish: Luíochán Chill Mhichíl) was an ambush near the village of Kilmichael in County Cork on 28 November 1920 carried out by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the Irish War of Independence. Thirty-six local IRA volunteers commanded by Tom Barry killed seventeen members of the Royal Irish Constabulary's Auxiliary Division.[1] The Kilmichael ambush was politically as well as militarily significant. It occurred one week after Bloody Sunday, marking an escalation in the IRA's campaign.[2]


  • my dad Dan Murphy born in county cork was in the old IRA ran away at age 14 from his home to join the IRA r i  p he passed away in the USA he had a sister named Maura Murphy as he told us all as kids, he had a son James Patrick Murphy r i p and  a daughter Maureen T Murphy r i p in the USA united states of america and a wife Mary Jane Murphy nee small r i p she died in the 1970s an dan murphy died in the 1971 of dec, in the united states of america, and has a daughter now married, Mrs Mary Jane Craig, my dad was a great man, he was proud of his heritage to be an IRA man and born in county cork , and this is all i know i hope im right with his last name I was a foster kid and taken in by the murphys which is my real flesh and blood i love the dearly, Helen Mary Murphy 


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