28th December 1803
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It may surprise our readers to know that giving a Lotto ticket as a Christmas present is nothing new. In fact, the very idea was being promoted as Christmas or New Year's gifts in Saunders Newsletter just after the Act of Union!

CHRISTMAS Presents and Gifts for New Year, may eventually form an Establishment for Life, as twenty Thousand, nay, possibly Forty Thousand Pounds, may be gained by a Whole Ticket, as a due proportion of a Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth Share, which are now selling at the lowest prices at N. CALLWELL'S FORTUNATE OFFICE - No. 35 College Green, where the principal Capital Prizes that were obtained in Ireland in several lotteries past were sold and immediately paid. The drawing begins January 9. [Saunders's News-Letter - Friday 30 December 1803]

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