Nemedians in Eire

8th January 0001
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the second civilization makes landfall in eire the nemedians 2153bc

2153bc bronze age nemed 5th fifth generation anno mundi three thousand and forty six 3046 = 2153bc two thousand one hundred and firty three years before birth of Christ = 318 three hundred and eighteen years after birth of 34 Abraham the nemedians who planted eire name nemedian culture yamnaya country turkey territory phrygia lanmark black sea bosporus kizilirmak plateau of phyrgia leaders nemhedh Fergus see also fomorii fir domnann partholon map ref 154 unmarked locations the nemedians were bronze age farmer herders descendants of magog son of iafeth of the early aryans their homeland on the plateau of Phrygia was bordered by the black sea the Bosporus and the kixilirmak halys river this territory was an early settlement of yamnaya warriors and is referred to by its ancient aryan name Phrygia the greeks later referred to it as greek Scythia or mygdonia mheigindt and it was called by its tracian name Bithynia this chieftain nemhedh a relative of partholon and his four 4 sons led 44 or 34 boatloads with 30 followers in each boat to eire munster Connacht ulster leinster 30 years after partholon people died from the plague in their voyage they came across a golden tower rising out of the ocean when they tried to capture it the tide came in and many of the nemhedhs warriors were drowned it took the survivors a year and a half before the remaining boatload reached eire they landed on great island in cork harbour on the eve of beltainn brilliant fires sites great island tory island conainns tower tuir chonaind region cork harbour mag cera carra mag neba mag luirg mag seireo magh tochair magh seimne magh macha magh muirthemne mad bernsa magh moda mag lugad loch cal loch munremair loch ndairbrech loch nannind nemhedh led his warriors to victory in the battle of ros fraechain badbgna on or near slieve baune in the south of county Roscommon in old Connaught after that battle the nemedians built two fortresses of raith cindeich in ui niallan and gaelic rath raith ringfort rampart wall raith cimbaith in seimne during the time of the nemedians 4 new lakes burst forth in the 9th year appeared loch cal in ui niallan which is lochgal of the barony of oneilland in county Armagh which parish I am in now and loch munremair in ui luigne of slaibh guaire which is loch ramor in county cavan after the 12th year loch ndairbrech which is loch derryvaragh in county Westmeath and loch nannind which is lough ennell also in county Westmeath burst forth the settlers cleared the timber from the land and create 12 new plains magh cera carra in county mayo cera god of creation see dagda mag neba a maritime plain west of ben bulbin cuile tolaidin which is the barony od kilmaine in south county mayo magh luirg south of the curlew mountains in county Sligo magh seireo in tethba which is the plain that circles the town of kells magh tochair in tir eogain now a part of counties meath Westmeath and Longford offaly magh seimne in araide on magee island magh macha in airgialla at moy near Armagh magh muirthemne in brega which is a maritime plain in county louth nemannach river nith the dee county louth magh bemsa in laighne on the border of carlow and Kildare lecmag in muma and magh moda magh lugad in ui tuirtre west of lough neagh the nemedh won 2 more battles against the formorii at murbolg in dal riada present day whitepark bay in the north of county antrim and cnamros camross near taghmon in county wexford between wexford harbour and bannow bay in old leinster

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