Notice posted on Estersnow Chapel

18th September 1813
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Notices were posted on the doors of various Chapels in Co. Mayo and Co. Roscommon prohibiting Papists from dealing with Protestants. Catholics who did not comply, met with intimidation...

Bristol Mirror - Saturday 18 September 1813

The Dublin Journal of Tuesday says:—“ Sunday fortnight. Notices, similar to those posted on the different Chapels in the county of Mayo, prohibiting Papists from dealing with Protestants, were affixed to the doors of several of the Popish Chapels in the county of Roscommon, and, amongst the rest, on the Chapel of Eastersnow, between Boyle and Elphin. — Immediately after the issuing of the notices, a man of the name of Brennan, a tenant of the Rev. Mr. Mahon, of Cavetown, who had a few days before purchascd pair of shoes from a Protestant shoemaker, was ordered return them forthwith, under pain of being carded.—Brennan did not think proper to comply with the order.—On the Friday night following, he was way-laid, and overtaken in the avenue of the Rev. Mr. Mahon, by a number of men, who carded him in a manner that his life is despaired of."