30th July 1982
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Encouraged by the first Occasion At The Castle the previous year, the organisers were successful in obtaining a licence to sell alcohol and this paved the way for the 2nd Occasion At The Castle.

After reportedly breaking even in 1981, the organisers hoped that with their bar facilities, adding an extra day's music, and the experience from the previous year, that they would be able to make a financial return on their investment.  The line-up was huge.  It included chart-toppers Madness (who were no. 4 in the charts with Driving In My Car and flew in by private plane to Castlebar's airport), Boomtown Rats, Thin Lizzy, Furey Bros., Racey, Brush Sheils, and many more stars of the time.

The facilities had completely changed this year with bars, restaurant and catering, camping and one of the highlights on. the poster, "mass on site".

Despite the top line-up and the upgraded facilities, the festival did not make an impact.  the Rolling Stones had played in Slane the previous week and this might have had an effect as well as the fact we were experiencing a recession in Ireland at the time.  As a result, it was decided by the organsisers that they had invested enough and there was to be no third festival.

In Castlebar, there are legendary stories still told of that weekend and while the town has hosted so many festivals since then, the Occasion At The Castle will always be remembered as special.

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