10th May 1318
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The O'Dea Clan orginally came from Co. Clare where there is a fortified tower house over 500 years old known as O'Dea castle at the 80-acre townland of Dysert O'Dea(hermitage)The ruins of the Dysert O'Dea monastery,round tower, and St.Tola'shigh cross are 265 metres to the southwest-southe west of the castle in the adjacent 260-acre townland of Mollaneen, nera Corofin The O'deas were one of the first famalies in Europe to have a surname from a clan chief Deaghaidh from934AD.

Richard de Clare heard of the devastating defeat of his allies at Corcumruadh then decided to attack O'Dea at Dysert His troups arrived  at Ruan on the morning of may 10th 1318 and were divided into 3 columns. first troop headed by his son marched towards the Nort to Tullach O'Dea to cut off help which might arrive from O"Connor O"Dea of Ennistymon. the second division marched southwards towards Maggowna to intercept any support. The third division under his own command marched towards Dysert O"Dea the home of Connor O'Dea.When Connor got the message that English and Irish mercaniers were advancing on him he sent a message to neighboring clans for aid. He held back a stand at the ford on the Fergus and the Anglo-Norman advance while his men took up an ambush position.Richard De Clare seeing a small band of men rushed across with some English Knights and was imediately surrounded.Richard de Clare was felled by the axe of Connor O'Dea while his troops on the other side of the bank looked on.

The Anglo-Normans were enraged and  fought their way across the stream where they surrounded the O'Dea's. Suddenly , Felim O'Connor's troops charged down the hill of Scamhall and cut a path through to the O'dea's and joined in the fray.De Clare's son arrived on the scene and was cut down and killed by Feilim O'Connor.

Since that day May 1318 , no Englishman held power or land in Co Clare for over 200 years . So began an era of peace and prosperity which had not been seen since the coming of the Danes five hundred years before.