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two ancient monuments constructed on slieve donard one to commemorate an ancient gaelic peoples of the line of slanga son of partholon the other so far in the distant past only mythical memeories remain of the boirches

2180bc Dinshenchus topographical poems of eireann number probably transcribed in 1160ad by giolla gilla na naomh hua duinn 299 301                                                                                                benn boirchi 96b sliab slanga  slieve donad highest peak among mourne mountains slieve donard                                                                                                                                                               sliab slanga whence the name not hard to say a chase was held by rudraige the number of hunters were thrice fifty warriors they rouse a wild boar he kills fifty of the host and breaks rudraige two spears rudraiges son rossa comes to his fathers assistance and turns the boar aside and gets clear with his spears whole long life to thee quoth the king whole speared thou comest from the boar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   so the name sliab slan ga is given to the hill     or slanga son of partholan first ard ri of eireann one of the four princes of erin was buried there by partholan whence sliab slanga is so named he was the first leech of erin as is said in this verse          slanga son of comely partholan wrought healing in erin for laiglind who was wounded in this place at the great battle of mag itha                                slieve donard was originally benn boirchi the peak of boirche  boirche was a magical cow herd or shepherd who dwelled on the mountain and was said to have been killed there by the ancient gaelic god of the sea manannan mac lir benn boirchi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                slieve donard other name was slaibh slangha the leech son of legendary partholon was interred in a cairn on its summit following his death and the mountain was called after him the summit also features in a collection of tales called the bothood deeds of fionn mac cumhall                 loch rudraige perhaps Carlingford

On the summit are the remains of two prehistoric burial cairns

3300bc 3000bc The great cairn measures 36,5 metres from north to south 43 metres from east to west and 1 metre high it appears to have been a neolithic passage tomb it is the highest known passage tomb in eire gaelic mythology identifies the great cairn as being the tomb or abode of mythical figures and an entrance to the otherworld benn mboirchi bean boirche beann boriche boirches peak referring to a mythical cowherd and king who had seemingly supernatural powers the plural name beanna boirche boirches peaks was given to the mourne mountains in cath maige tuired the battle of moytura bennai boirche is called one of the twelve chief mountains of eire   

2300 -1950bce  The lesser cairn lies 210 metres to the northeast it measures 18m from north to south 16m from east to west and 4.5m high it appears to have been an early bronze age multiple cist cairn sliabh slanga sliabh slangha the name sliabh slangha slanghas mountain this refers to mythical slangha son of partolon the first ard ri of eire and his son slanga who was said to be the first physician in eire according to the annals of the four masters he died in anno mundi 2533 anno mundi years after the creation of the world and was buried in the passage tomb  

*****77] Parthians partalon partholan partholon 5th fifth generation descendant of magog ancestor of the scythians who dwelt north of the black sea from whom descended the generation parthians and the first planter of eire about three hundred years after the flood and also the rest of the colonies that planted there   1partholon 2fomorians 3nemedians 4firbolgs 5fir domann 6gaileoins 7Tuatha de danann 8Milesians   9laigens                     10Noah11Japheth 12magog three sons   13abaath=boath 13bjobhath and 13cfathochta           18partholon                               The reason why partholanus left his own country and undertook this voyage was because he slew his father and mother in Greece in order to obtain the crown and hinder his elder brother of the succession partholan who planted the first colony in eire sailed from Greece through muir toirian the ancient gaelic name for the Mediterranean sea and landed on the coast of eire at inver seeine now the bay of kenmare in Kerry    the kingdom of eire lay wild and uninhabited for the space of three hundred years after the deluge till partholanus son of seara son of sru son of easru son of framant son of fathochda son of magog son of japhet son of noah arrived there with his people this the poet takes notice of after this manner

second place name lore legend of eire and second genealogy lesson for the gaels after the flood and noah losing the ark                                                                  

10 noah father of

11 japhet father of

12 magog father of

13 fathochda father of

14 framant father of

15 easru father of

16 sru father of

17 searu father of

18  partholon father of   ----------------makes landfall on eire

17a slanga and his brother 17b laiglind and his other brother 17c rudraige father of

                                                                                                 17c18 rossa---------assisting his father with spears after two broke hunting a boar on slieve donard



  • Slieve Donard is home to two historic structures; one honors the Gaelic people of the Slanga line, sons of Partholon, while the other dates back to a time when the only thing left of the boirches are legends. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is highly informative and builds great interest for the readers.

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    Tuesday 12th December 2023 09:47AM
  • Slieve Donard is the site of two ancient buildings; one commemorates the Gaelic people of the Slanga lineage, descendants of Partholon, while the other harks back to a time when the only remnants of the boirches are stories and myths.

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    Friday 26th April 2024 04:59AM

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