22nd January 1856
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The first railway in Ireland opened in 1834, running from Dublin to Kingstown (Dún Laoighre). The Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland was formed in the 1840s and was the third largest railway company in the country. In July 1845, the MGWR received parliamentary authorization to build a railway from Dublin to Longford. When construction began in Dublin, in January 1846, the MGWR announced plans to extend this line as far as Sligo. Landlords across North Roscommon took to "Railway Meetings" to promote the construction of lines in their area.

Freemans Journal, January 22, 1856;  Front page


We, the undersigned, having seen a paragraph ia the Sligo papers, from which it might be inferred that we had changed our opinions expressed in the resolutions adopted at tbe Boyle Railway meeting of the 19th inst., think it incumbent on us hereby to state that we are still of opinion that the North Western Rail Project should be supported on the conditions expressed at said meeting : – 

E.K. Tenison, Guy Lloyd, John W Flanagan, J Duckworth, Andrew Irwin, James Kirkwood, J B Little, D.N. Wallace, M D, Bryan Judge, John Cooke, Edward Shera, James Hayes, M P McDermott, P Cryan, MD, John Mulhall, Jun, James McDonnell, John Brumell, Joseph Bealin, Mark Bealin, Alexander Arnold, Arthur Brown, James Knox, Owen Golden.


Freemans Journal September 14, 1858; Front page


At a meeting of Landed Propriotors and others interested in the promotion of the "Sligo Extension" Railway, from Longford, by Strokestown and Elphin, to Boyle, held at Hanly's Hotel, in Elphin, on Monday, tho 6th September, 1858. Lord De Freyne in the Chair. Tbe following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

Proposed by William Lloyd, of Rockville, Esq; and secondad by Captain Drought, of Cargina :

"That we have heard with surprise and regret thore is a disposition on the part of tha Board of the Midland Great Western Railway Company to vary the route of the Siigo Extension 43 passed in the session of 1857.

Proposed by Denis O'Conor, of Mount Druid, Esq; and seconded by Richard Irwin, of Rathmile, Esq :

" That the interesta of this county, and the public generally, are much involved in this line being made as approved of by parliament; and we feel that the Midland Great Western Company are pledged to the public to carry it into execution."

Proposed by Guy Lloyd, of Croghan, Esq; and seconded by John Ross Mahon, of Strokestown, Eaq :

" That as Proprietors and Landowners, we are willing to give every assistance to the Company, by seeking for only a reasonable compensation for our lands, and accepting bonds in lieu of cash payments."

Proposed by Arthur O'Conor, of Elphin House, Esq; and seconded by Dominick Corr, of Frenchpark, Esq:

"That Lord de Freyne, Sir Charles H Coote, Bart, M P; Colonel French M P; ODJ Graoe, Esq, M P; H S P Mahon, Guy Lloyd, William Lloyd, Denis O'Conor, Richard Irwin, Christopher French, George W Drought, P P Taaffe, Arthur O'Conor, George Browne, John Irwin, Thomas Roberts, John Ross Mahon, and, George Walpole, Esq be requested to act as a Committee to communicate with the Midland Great Western Company, and to adopt such other courses as may seem expedient towards having the Longford Extension Railway to Sligo executed according to the act passed by Parliament, and that Mr. John Ross Mahon be requested to act as secretary.

Proposed by Thomas Stafford, of Portobollo,Esq; and seconded by George Browne, of Mount Browne, Esq;

" That our County Members, as well as those Noblemen who reside in our County, be requested to give their particular attention to secure the, making  of the line from Longford to Sligo, as approved of by Parliament, and that they be reqested to inform our Committee of their sentiments.

Proposed by John L Hackelt, of Ardcarne, Esq and secondod by John R Mahon, of Strokestown, Esq (Mr. Guy Lloyd having been moved into the chair): " That the thanks of the meeting bo given to Lord De Freyne for his conduct in the chair.".