1st October 1853
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Rejoice in the Great Potato Famine (1845-52) coming to an end


We are truly delighted to say that the disease in the Potato had ceased its influences entirely during the past week. Indeed in no case have we heard a single complaint to the contrary. This is really good news, as the potato crop had been the principal support of the poor previous the first appearance of the general rot, and they were beginning to depend on it again this year therefore if there was an entire destruction, would entail great misery. Even now we trust there will be sufficiency.

One good symptom that presents itself, is the fact of our market being comparatively thinly supplied with the potato, which plainly indicates that they are not very bad, as the farmers would in that case, as in other places, bring them Into town for sale. We may mention, as bearing on the subject, that the county Mayo, where they are very bad, potatoes are selling in the public markets at 2 and a half pence per stone.

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