21st December 1967
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On the 21st of December 1967, Prof. Michael J. O'Kelly became the first person, perhaps in thousands of years, to witness the dawn light filling the chamber at Newgrange on the Winter Solstice. 

O'Kelly spent 14 years excavating this incredible site along with his wife Claire. 

Entrance to the tomb on the morning of the Winter Solstice is now by lottery, but a livestream of the event allows people all over the world to revel in the 5,200 year old feat of astronomical engineering. 


Image from newgrange.com


  • I and my family were at Newgrange in October 2000. I do not remember having to get tickets but if so, it was a quick and easy process. We parked nearby; do not remember public transportation needed at all. It seems the site has gained much in popularity, requiring more regulation. Sadly it is a victim of its own success. I hope visitors still manage to enjoy the area and are able to wander about taking in the countryside and other structures such as the "folly" and monoliths. It was a memorable visit to a very special place.


    Thursday 23rd December 2021 09:15PM

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