Reported Number of Evicted Persons by County

15th October 1849
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[Cork Examiner - Monday 15 October 1849]


The following return of all notices served upon relieving officers poor law districts in Ireland, landlords others, under the act of last session, 11 and 12 Vic, e. 47 intituled " An Act for the Protection and Relief of the Destitute Poor evicted from their dwellings," has been produced in conformity with an order of the House Commons. The following is a summary of this return:

[Reported by Province: County (Population in 1841) Total Number of Persons Evicted]

CONNACHT:  Galway (440k)  739  |  Leitrim (155k) 478   |  Mayo (389k)  604   |  Roscommon (254k) 325 |   Sligo (181k) 208 

LEINSTER:  Carlow (86k) 96   |   Dublin 373k) 50    |  Kildare (115k) 129  |    Kilkenny (202k) 348 |   King's County (Offaly) (147k) 211  |   Longford (116k) 114  |   Louth (128k) 145  |   Meath (184k) 133  |   Queen's County (Laois) (154k) 342  |  Westmeath (141k) 162   |  Wexford (202k) 163  |   Wicklow (126k) 51

MUNSTER: Clare (286k) 1,167   |  Cork (854k) 578   |  Kerry (294k) 560  |  Limerick (330k) 722  |  Tipperary (436k) 2,901 | Waterford (196k) 149  |   

ULSTER: Antrim 360,875 202 Armagh 232,393 47i Cavan 243,158 301 Donegal 296,448 372 Down 361,446 Fermanagh .. .. 156,481 103 Londonder.y .. .. 222,174 236 Monaghan .. .. 200,442 156 Tyrone 312,956 263 2,386,373 2484 

Grand Total: (Population of ireland 1841: 8,175,124) No of Persons Evicted: 12,859 


We select the following some the more cases of eviction given in this return —

  • Union Armagh: 30 persons evicted at the suit of W. McGeoagh Bond, Esq.
  • Union of Ballina (Mayo): 85 were evicted by the under-agent to the Earl of Arran; 27 by the agent of Colonel Knox Gore, and 116 by the agent to Sir W. H. Palmer, Bart.
  • Union of Ballinasloe (Galway) 110 persons by the agent to the Rev. E. Paget, J. Lyons, Esq. etc.
  • Union of Ballinrobe (Mayo) by the bailiff to Lord Oranmore; 43 by the bailiff R. D. Browne, Esq., M.P.; 35 by the bailiff to Lord Kilmaine ; and by the bailiff of Colonel Knox.
  • Union of Ballymena (County Antrim), 40 the agent to Lord O'Neil.
  • Union of Ballyshannon (Donegal) 40 by the agent of Colonel Connolly.
  • Union of Banbridge (County Down), 26 by the agent to the Marquis of Downshire ;43 by the agent to Count de Salia.
  • Union of Boyle (Roscommon), etc, 45 by the agent of Lord Lorton; and 36 the suit of the agent of Lord Freyne; and 91 by agent under the Court of Chancery.
  • Union of Carlow, 65 by the agent to the Earl of Bessborough.
  • Union of Carrick-on-Shannon (Leitrim), 35 by the agent N. A. Gore, Esq. M.P.; 33 by the agent at Lord V. Southwood; and 32 by the agent of T. J. Barton, Esq.
  • Union of Castlebar (Mayo), 31 by the agent of the Earl of Lucan, and 68 by the agent of Sir R. Palmer.
  • Union Castleblayney (Armagh), ty, Esq., for Walter M'Geoagh Bond, Xsa., 21 by tbe same gentleman for T. P, Bait Kaq. 
  • Union of Cavan, 60 by the agent Robert Mutton, Esq.
  • Union Clogheen (Tipperary), at the suit of the Earl of Glengall.
  • Union of Dingle (Kerry), 348 by the agent Lord Ventry; and 149 by agents in Chancery.
  • Union of Dundalk, 30 by the trustee of H. G. S. Murray, Esq.
  • Union of Dundalk (Louth), 74 at the suit of the Marquis of Anglesey
  • Union of Dungarvan, 38 by the agent of Richard Musgrove, Esq.
  • Union of Ennistymon (Clare), 88 the agent to Cornelius O'Brien, Esq.
  • Union of Galway, 22 by Isidore D'Arcy, Esq.; and 29 by R. D'Arcy Esq. 
  • Union of Glenties (Donegal), 30 by T. Wilson, Esq, agent to Lord Crofton
  • Union of Kells (Meath), by the agent of T. B. Balfour, Esq.
  • Union of Kilkenny, 35 by Henry de Montmorency, 37 by Thomas Caiman. 
  • Union Kilmallock (Limerick), 29 by the agent to W. A- Rose, Esq., 29 by the agent to W. H. Rivers, Esq.; 56 by the agent R. D. Grady and others.
  • Union of Kilrush (Clare), 76 at the suit of Colonel Vandeleur; 20 at the suit of Miss Alice Vandeleur; 41 at the suit of Miss Vandeleur; 22 by Mr. Curry; by Nicholas Westly ; 20 by J. C, McDonnell; 56 at the suit Mrs. Dwyer and Miss Hickman; and 87 by Messers. Stackpool, Brady, and O'Brien.
  • Union of Limerick. 23 by C. W. Gore; 93 by Sir R. D. De Burgh, 56 by the Marquess of Conyngham.
  • Union of Loughrea (Galway), 81 by order of the receiver of the Court of Chancery.
  • Union of Magherafelt (Londonderry), 55 by R Spotswood, Esq, agent to the Marquis of Londonderry and Sir R. Bateson; 27 by the agent G. A. Hutchinson, Esq., and by the agent to the Drapers' Company. 
  • Union of Mallow (Cork), 29 by the agent to Viscount Doneraile.
  • Union of Middleton (Cork) 30 by the agent to Susannah Faucet.
  • Union of Mohill (Leltrim), 34 by the agent to the Earl of Granard, 84 by the agent to Westby Percival, Esq.; 30 by the agent to Francis Nesbitt Esq.; 31 by the Earl of Leitrim, and 29 the agent of W. O'Gara, Esq.
  • Union of Mountmellick (Queen's County aka Laois), 41 by the agent of Sir C. Molyneux and others, by the Earl of Mornington, and 25 by the Rev. W. Waller.
  • Union of Mullingar (Westmeath), tl by the agent W. and R. Hunt, and by the agent of Erasmus Smith's school.
  • Union of Nenagh, 32 by the agent to Lord Dunally. 
  • Union of Newcastle (Limerick), 29 by the agent of Keating and Westropps, and 42 by the agent of H. Adams, Esq.
  • Union of Roscommon, 42 the agent of Nicholas Balfe, Esq., and 41 by the agent to H. S.P. Mahon, Esq.
  • Union of Roscrea (Tipperary) 2,000* by the agent to B. Franklin, Esq., 18* by the agent Lord Muskerry, 18 by the agent to Joseph Horn, Esq, aad 22 by Joha Sadlier. 
  • Union of Scariff (Clare), 67 by the receiver under the Court of Chancery; 35 the agent to F. T. Fitzerald, 32 by the agent to T. Arthur, Esq.; 21 by A. T. Martin, Esq.; and 36 by the agent to Michael Brody, Esq.
  • Union of Skibbereen (Cork), by the bailiff to John Hochur, Esq, and 32 by the nil to Thomas Mannion, Esq.
  • Union of Strabane (Tyrone), 28 by the to the Marquis Abercorn; 24 by the owner, Isabella Mathewson.
  • Union Thurles (Tipperary), 61 the bailiff to Viscount de Chabot.
  • Union of Tipperary, 48 by the agent the Hon. W. H. Hare. 
  • Union of Westford, 63 by the agent to the Earl of Lucan. 

*It is stated in a note to the return, that the above cases marked with a star refer to the number of families evicted, and not to the number of persons.—Morning Chronicle


  • Are these records available somewhere by family name?  If so, where.


    Tuesday 8th September 2020, 11:46PM
  • Good question. Which county/ parish are you interested in?


    Wednesday 9th September 2020, 05:31AM
  • At the moment I'm looking at Kerry County and several parishes.  And because I'm unfamiliar with Irish genealogy, I'll throw out the name of Killarney, which I believe is the town some of my family came from, as well as surrounding areas.  Surnames Cunningham/Counihan, Cullity, Lyons, Breshnahan.  They lived there, I think in the early to mid 1800s before emigrating to the US.  I also have another branch that is said to be from Northern Ireland around Antrim, but they came to the US in the early 1700s so I can't find anything on them.


    Wednesday 9th September 2020, 12:07PM
  • Evictions were reported in the news and to the local PLU (workhouse). They may also turn up in Petty Court Records.

    To discover what local records have survived, ask our dedicated volunteer message board for Killarney here:


    Wednesday 9th September 2020, 10:31PM
  • Could you please tell me where I can find out more about Kilkenny evictions? Thanks Dale



    Thursday 10th September 2020, 11:20AM
  • Hello,

    My McMahon and Duffy families were tenant farmers in Crossmaglen and Cullyhanna, Armagh.

    Can you point me to where I can possibly find more details, PLease




    Thursday 10th September 2020, 06:15PM