1st January 1823
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Merchants of Roscrea in 1823. .

Listed by Trades . . . 1823 



  • What is this document? Can it be accessed on the internet? Are there any newspapers, etc that describe happenings in/around Roscrea 1850-1864. My grandfather, Jeremiah Keary (Carey) is believed to have been born in Roscrea (Rosemary) in 1860 to Daniel Keary and Bridget Treacy (dau. of Martin (Michael?) Tracey and Eliza/Betty McDoole). The Keary's emmigrated to New York State in 1862. The Traceys, w/grandson Jeremiah followed in 1863. Circumstances/connections?

    John Carey

    Thursday 12th April 2018 11:55PM
  • Came on this posting by accident! Treacy AND Carey family names occur in documentations regarding the Murray family which settled in Minnesota in the 1850's.  A Thomas Carey married Catherine Murray and raised a very large family in Minnesota, USA. Treacy family name occurs in references regarding relationships between a Murray daughter who visited them frequently in the late 1800's to 1900's. I am a family researcher for the Murray/Carey family and I am interested in making contact to share information.


    Sunday 22nd April 2018 12:53AM
  • Please contact me at J_P_carey@hotmail.com. My Ancestry Tree is Carey-Tomfohrde. I have DNA with Ancestry and 23andme.

    John Carey

    Sunday 22nd April 2018 06:50PM
  • Do you have an Ancestry Tree that I can access? 

    John Carey

    Tuesday 24th April 2018 09:01PM
  • Dear John and Cracicot, I don't believe we are closely related. Thomas Dwyer migrated to Melbourne, Australia in about 1864 and married Bridget Comerford in 1870. All children were born and raised in Collingwood (suburban Melbourne) from 1870 to 1889. Bridget died on 24 Dec. 1889.

    Best regards, Bryan

    Bryan Dwyer

    Friday 14th April 2023 12:46AM

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