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1665 Roscrea Town contained 100 houses 
1841   the Town's population had grown to over 9000 
1847 - 1851 Famine in Ireland   " An Gorta Mór "  2 million died  1 million emigrated  
1850 - 1950  Emigration emigration  reduced the poulation of RosCré down to 3000  by 1900.
2000 -  the population has recovered to approx. 5000 and growing 

EMH.1665 onwards the Town grewmainly as the Market Town situated   between Dublin and Limerick. 

Woolen Mills, Tanning, Brewing, Distilling, and river based Grain Milling, were high in employment 

The town became a center for Agricultural  street sales ,aka ,Fair Days ,

The outlying small Farmers  brought their Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Turkeys to sell on the Streets

The " Fair of RosCré "  an Ancient gathering Annual event attracted many visitors including the " Vikings "   EMH.