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Known as " The Earl Grey Scheme" from 1848 -1850, involved the relocation of healthy young Orphaned women, of dire circumstances,  from Irish Workhouses to Australia.

This list shows the names of ROSCREA girls, 60 of whom travelled in 1849 aboard the ship " Pemberton "

9 girls travelled in 1850 aboard the " Maria "

Some further information is published in Australia on some of the Names on this list.

There was another Workhouse in DONAGHMORE, Laois  . . 10 miles from Roscrea.  . . still preserved intact . . . 



  • What about the girls from Nenagh Poor/workhouse ? My relative Mary Daley & sister Catherine were on the Pemberton. Believed to come from Nenagh.


    Thursday 3rd May 2018, 09:45PM
  • In 1855 the ship Eliza landed in NSW Australia full of Tipperary folk.  My ancestor Anne Maher, parents James Maher and Jane Dudley, was from Bournea.   Were these people from a poor/workhouse and escaping famine conditions or was this a scheme to bring Tipperary families to colonise Australia.  I would appreciate your expert opinion.


    Fair maiden



    Tuesday 12th June 2018, 09:07AM
  • Both "Fair maiden"  (though not expert)    The male to female ratio was something like 2 to 1.    An English woman Caroline Chisholm  was behind one big push for female immigrants.  Then the 'Earl Grey Scheme' bringing orphans from the famine  in Ireland.                                 A quote from Caroline -  " Women and children are men's Police!'

    I have a Margaret HOUGH  16; orphan; parents  Denis and Mary.  She came on the "Maria" to Sydney, 1850.  It was the last orphan ship.  She had two Uncles with families already here.

    garden girl



    Tuesday 17th July 2018, 05:11AM