Rural water supply scheme for Croghan

5th July 1979
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Prior to the 1950s, rural areas outside Ireland’s towns and cities lacked piped water supplies and, as a result, communities were dependant on barrels and buckets with which to draw water from lakes, rivers and wells for their daily needs. In 1979, Croghan Co-Operative Society Ltd. and Shadlough Group Water Scheme Ltd. received EEC grant-aid to fund the development of Rural water supply schemes.

In 1959,  the Irish Government launched a strategy for the provision of regional and group water schemes by local authorities (to resolve the issue of water supply in rural areas).  In  the  1960s/1970s,  the  number  of  group  water  schemes  dramatically  increased  often through the efforts of farm organisations and local co-operatives. In 1979,  Croghan Co-Operative Society Ltd., Co Roscommon received EEC funding of IR £19,090 and Shadlough Group Water Scheme Ltd. Co. Roscommon,  received EEC funding  of £17,910.


GRANTS of £3 million to assist 31 Irish projects designed to improve agricultural structures have been announced by the European Commission in Brussels. These grants are the first instalment for 1979 from the Guidance Section of FEOGA the EEC'S Farm Fund.

[A list of the beneficiaries together with details of the projects and the amount of Community aid was published in the Irish Examiner, Thursday, July 05, 1979; Page: 9]


The introduction of such a water supply in the Croghan (albeit brown in colour and unpotable) facilitated the introduction of indoor toilets and bathrooms. Families would still take to their spring wells, with buckets, to collect fresh drinking water.