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Shercock School picture taken for the 1910-11 school year.

Peter John O'Reilly b. May 17, 1901, 3rd student standing from left.


  • I wonder if my grandfather Owen Murtagh is in this? My grandmother was Nurse Murtagh.


    Tuesday 22nd December 2020, 12:30AM
  • Bridget McCabe born 1905 Shercock. Maybe she is here ... ?  my maternal grandmother



    Wednesday 18th August 2021, 03:18PM
  • I wish I had a roster to go with the picture, but I don't.  The picture is in an album my dad has and he knew which one was his father.  


    Wednesday 18th August 2021, 04:09PM
  • Hi. My name is Terry Lynch and I'm a teacher in Shercock National School. Thank you for this wonderful photo. My Grandmother Bridget and her twin sister Kate in it standing directly in front of Master Traynor, the school principal. I had a search through the old roll books and got the names of the students from the year 1910/11; although I cant identify exactly which name goes with which face.

    Name       Class    Age
    Peter O Reilly 6th 12 yrs
    Pat Clarke 6th 12 yrs
    Clarence Duffy 6th 12 yrs
    Tom Marron 6th 14 yrs
    John Clerkin 6th 13 yrs
    Frank Marron 6th 11 yrs
    John Fidgeon 6th 11 yrs
    Bernard Coyle 6th 13 yrs
    Tom Argue 6th 14 yrs
    Mary Marron 6th 13 yrs
    Mary Cassidy 6th 13 yrs
    Maggie Dermott 6th 14 yrs
    Brigid Fidgeon 6th 13 yrs
    Kate Fidgeon 6th 13 yrs
    Maggie McMahon 6th 12 yrs
    Mary Finlay 6th 13 yrs
    James Clarke 5th 11 yrs
    Tom Maguire 5th 13 yrs
    James Cassidy 5th 12 yrs
    Pat Brennan 5th 12 yrs
    Ned Daniel 5th 13 yrs
    Rose Maguire 5th 13 yrs
    Mary Owens 5th 13 yrs
    Brigid Cassidy 5th 11 yrs
    Mary Daniel 5th 13 yrs
    Lizzie Coyle 5th 11 yrs
    Martin Brennan 4th 8 yrs
    Laurence Traynor 4th 10 yrs
    Thomas Johnston 4th 9 yrs
    Michael Johnston 4th 8 yrs
    Joe McKenna 4th 13 yrs
    Tom Morgan 4th 12 yrs
    Brigid McGuire 4th 12 yrs
    Kate Lynch 4th 11 yrs
    Kate Coyle 4th 10 yrs
    Mary McKenna 4th 12 yrs
    Rose Daniel 4th 10yrs
    Annie Marron 4th 11 yrs
    Alice McDermott 4th 9 yrs
    K M Brennan 4th 11 yrs
    Alice Clerkin 4th 12 yrs

    Saturday 28th August 2021, 11:27AM
  • I'd be related to the Duffy's, Fidgeon's, McMahon's and possibly these Brennan's as Nurse Murtagh was a Brennan. I wonder are there any school photos of Owen Murtagh at all. No idea of the dates though. Amazing photograph.


    Monday 30th August 2021, 05:55PM

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