14th February 1853
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The PS Queen Victoria sank off the coast of Howth on the 14th of February 1853. 

The Paddle Steamer was built in 1838 for the Dublin city steam packet company. It was built in Glasgow by the Wilson shipbuilders. 

On the night that it sank, the 150 foot long boat was travelling from Liverpool to Dublin when it was hit by a snowstorm. It struck Howth Head and quickly began to fill with water. After a second strike the ship was sunk within 15 minutes. One lifeboat holding 17 passengers made it safely to shore, but the captain, crew, and remaining passengers perished. The total loss of life is estimated to be about 83 people. 

The wreck of the PS Queen Victoria still lies where it went down all those years ago. It was the first shipwreck to be protected by the National Monuments Act. 


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