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St. Audeon's, or Owen's, was originally a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and enlarged by the family of Fitz-Eustace of Portlester; afterwards it was given as a parish church to the priory of Grace Dieu by John Comyn ; but in 1467 it was made a prebend with cure of souls in the cathedral of St. Patrick, by Archbishop Tregury.

The parish contains 4599 inhabitants, and 426 houses valued at £5 and upwards, the total annual value being £19,399.

The rectory or prebend is of the annual value of £243. 1. 4., and the minister's money amounts to £220. 12. 11.

The present church consists only of the western end of the ancient edifice, which comprised a nave and collateral aisle, at the end of which is a modern steeple with a ring of bells ; the rest of it is now in ruins. The eastern extremity still presents a fine specimen of the pointed style, and there are many curious old monuments, among which is one of Lord Portlester and his lady, erected in 1455 : it is the burial-place of several ancient families. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners have granted £162. 0. 11. for the repairs of this church.

There is a parochial school for boys, who are clothed, partly dieted, and apprenticed; also a school for girls, who are partly clothed; an infants' school, a Sunday school, and a female orphan school.

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