1st January 1837
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St. Thomas's parish was separated from St. Mary's, in 1749, by act of parliament.
It contains 20,881 inhabitants, and 1373 houses valued at £5 and upwards, the total annual value being £65,537. 10.

The living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Christ-Church ; the minister's money is £684. 12. 1., and the gross income £922. 1. 10.

The church, erected in 1758, presents a front to Marlborough-street, opposite to Gloucester-street, composed of two pilasters and two three-quarter columns of the Composite order, supporting an entablature and enclosing ornamented niches, and, in the centre, a Corinthian doorway, with an angular pediment : on each side of this facade is a half-pediment, supported by a Corinthian pilaster at the extremity, and a half-pilaster in the return : an intended pediment over the centre has not been erected. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners have granted £915. 17. 9. for the improvement of the building.

The Episcopal chapel of the Feinaglian institution at Luxemburgh, for the use of the pupils, but open also to their friends, is in this parish.

A parochial school for girls is supported by a bequest of £75. 1. 3. per ann. and voluntary contributions ; there are also a day school for boys and girls, a national school, and a Sunday school. The buildings of the Board of National Education and a savings' bank are in this parish.

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