15th October 1835
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Compiled in the 1820-30s, tythes were a form of local tax for occupiers of agricultural land. Anyone with a holding of land greater than 1 acre was obliged to pay tithes as maintenance for the Church of Ireland (then responsible for poor relief in the parish). The tithes were calculated on the average price of oats (the principal type of "corn" grown in this district at that time) for the 7 years ending in November 1821.

The manuscripts books aka Tithe registers that have been digitally imaged for Elphin, date back to 1835. The Tithe Commissioners were appointed on the 30th of September 1825 with Daniel Kelly for the parish of Ogulla and Jeffrey Ffrench and Arthur Browne for Elphin. The Deputy Registrar for Tumna was Edwin Brooke Kenny. The tithes were payable to the Very Rev. Dean of Elphin.

On May 31, 1867, the Very Rev. William Warburton was appointed Dean of Elphin. Shortly afterwards, on October 11, 1867, Warburton applied for an Order for the increase of composition for tithes in the parish of Elphin (albeit that they had been abolished). 

NOTE: The surnames and townland spellings are often very different from the standardised spellings today. 

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The modern spelling of a townland (from Griffith's Valuation in 1857) will not always match the Tithe manuscript or digital transcription.

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