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Patrick Coyne/Kyne 1820-1899

21-Sep-23 21:55
Ireland XO Community 1

Burke / Raftery Parishes Addergoole and Liskeevy (Milltown)

20-Sep-23 21:45
Milltown (Galway), Addergoole (Galway), Liskeevy (Galway), Galway, Galway, Galway 2 Perhaps contact the Milltown H
by Patricia 21-Sep-23 0:51

Molloys of Ballyfermoyle

20-Sep-23 16:00
Ardcarn (Roscommon), Roscommon 4 Fionn,
by McCoy 21-Sep-23 19:54

Molloys of Ballyfermoyle

20-Sep-23 15:55
Ireland XO Community 1

Gaffney family

20-Sep-23 15:32
Ireland XO Community 2 The following child of a Patri
by Patricia 20-Sep-23 16:14

Somerville Family

20-Sep-23 00:20
Ireland XO Community 2 Apothecary records are kept by
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 20-Sep-23 4:36


19-Sep-23 19:54
Ireland XO Community 5 I found this newspaper article
by Maz 20-Sep-23 14:46

Thomas Mason Born 1815 Mitchelstown Meath

19-Sep-23 16:24
Ballygiblin Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 Dotty:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 19-Sep-23 20:39

Collesford Co Sligo

19-Sep-23 03:48
Ireland XO Community 4 It looks like Collesford becam
by Patricia 19-Sep-23 19:05

Jeremiah Sullivan baptism records search

19-Sep-23 02:00
Kilbonane (Kerry), Kerry 3 Thank you Roger. I will look f
by US Sully 19-Sep-23 18:16

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