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29-Nov-20 22:32
Cavan 1

Patrick Sheehy and Bridget Foley of Lurriga

29-Nov-20 19:14
Ireland XO Community, Lurriga (Limerick) 1

Looking for a John Geary

29-Nov-20 14:04
Ireland XO Community, Glenamaddy (Galway) 1


29-Nov-20 10:31
Ireland XO Community, Armagh (Armagh) 2 Belfast Telegraph of 23rd May
by Elwyn 29-Nov-20 12:30

conn's of tartaraghan

29-Nov-20 9:03
Tartaraghan (Armagh) 2 Charles,
by Elwyn 29-Nov-20 13:02

Thomas Ewing b. 1750-1770, Cooper, Tyrone Origin Unknown

29-Nov-20 3:48
Ireland XO Community, Tyrone 2 Mike,
by Elwyn 29-Nov-20 13:34

Francis Norris, born c. 1690

29-Nov-20 1:19
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1


28-Nov-20 23:21
Ireland XO Community, Drumgooland (Down) 3 Thank you Patricia. I will start
by indigo 29-Nov-20 21:26

Mitchel / Mitchell St Peter’s Athlone, Roscommon

28-Nov-20 16:20
Ireland XO Community, Roscommon 3 The reference to Drum likely refers
by kevin45sfl 29-Nov-20 0:06

Mr Edward Griffin

28-Nov-20 15:06
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 5 I posted my details more in hope
by eddiebhoy67 29-Nov-20 12:05