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After many years of searching I have finally come across my great x3 grandfather's name in some materials but I cannot verify, of course. I wonder if there is knowledge about how much movement there would have been among parishes in the 1800's. For example, I find Edmund Fogarty in tithe applotment records on the outskirts of Tipperary Town but baptismal records that have potential to match my family about 4 miles away (closer to Sologheadbeg). Does it seem reasonable for the time period that it could be the same person and that his children were baptised in another parish? Thanks for your input!


Friday 28th May 2021, 06:12PM

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  • Yes is the answer.  
    What name, date and where was the eldest child Baptised?
    Dates etc. of any other children.
    I have seen the Tithe record for your Edmund Fogarty. Corroge is the Parish which is Tipperary Town area.

    Did the family stay in Ireland?



    Sunday 30th May 2021, 02:54PM
  • Hello Margot! Thank you for responding and please excuse my delay in answering your questions. I am not sure what might have happened to Edmund and Margaret Fogerty nor am I sure that the person in the records is a match and simply a coincidence of names. There are other Edmond/Margaret combinations (Derrinlaur, for example) that I do not believe to be a match, however I cannot verify.

    I do know that their daughter Johanna emigrated to the US, possibly with a brother, Timothy. I do know her approximate birth year was 1830+-. I find baptismal records for Timothy 1827 and Judy 1829 in Clongariff. There appears to be an Edmund 1831, Denis 1833, Catherine 1835, and Patrick 1838. My relative did not go by the name Judy although I previously posed the question regarding the names Johanna and Judy and it seems Judy may have been a nickname. Johanna married another Tipperary emigrant (Dwyer from Cappawhite) in NY.

    I have a lot of DNA connections to the Loughmore/Thurles region with the Fogerty name, however distant. I also have many Cappawhite DNA connections but I am certain they are from the Dwyer side of the family. Along the same vein as my original question, would Tipperary town and its outskirts have been a stretch for someone from Thurles? I found another Edmund Fogerty record or two from Thurles (for Larceny) but I wonder if the baptismal records from Cappawhite/Clongariff could be the same family/people. I am not sure how I can possible verify this so any input is greaty appreciated!

    Best regards!




    Sunday 11th July 2021, 05:33PM
  • Hi, Don't worry about delay in replying.
    I see all the Baptisms you have.

    Patrick Fogarty b 30th July 1838 went to the UK.
    Are you in Ancestry?     
    It would have to be Worldwide version.


    Monday 12th July 2021, 10:30AM
  • Hello Margot. I do have Worldwide membership on Ancestry. I had a look and found the Patrick that you found. I will contact someone who put him in their tree and see if anything comes of it.

    In the meantime, do you have any other suggestions for how I might veritfy if this is my Grandmother's family? I am wondering if there are any other local records that might have some other information or clues. Aside from few DNA connections and some solid facts that I know (Johanna born to Edmund and Margaret in Tipperary) I am at a brick wall and have been for years. This information seems promising but the first issue I have is that I do not know about the name Judy being used for Johanna- that seems uncommon. Another issue I have is that I have seen a lot of other folks' trees that list this family from the baptismal records but Derrinaur seems quite a distance from Clongariff/Clonganhue and I don't have a DNA connection to any of them (although I know that doesn't make or break a family connection.)  Again, many, many thanks for your input. Any help is appreciated. I have been working on this for many years.

    Best regards,





    Tuesday 13th July 2021, 09:04PM
  • Hi Susan,
    You really need to work backwards...........

    Is this your Johanna?

    Johanna Fogarty in entry for Nellie Elizabeth Halpin, "New York, New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949" • FamilySearch

    Is this Timothy .......line's not very clear.
    United States Census, 1850;

    I have attached a list of 6 births to Edmond and Margaret, one of the children had a Vere Hunt as a sponsor.( he was a land Proprietor)
    Was he a relative?
    I found a death of an Edmond Fogarty and a Thomas Hunt was present at the death. He is Vere's son.
    This is in the   Derrinlaur area.

    Use this site...............Edmond Fogarty death 1878.........comes under Clonmel as the registration distrct.
    Welcome to Irish Genealogy - Irish Genealogy
    This site........when you see a Death record, if it says "Returns page number"  you can follow a link to buy it. 5 Euro as of today.  All others are on line. Several entries to each page.
    A Margaret's death is later and a Michael Fogarty was present at the death. 
    The list on names I mentioned above are from the Church records they end on certain dates (you have to check each Parish) then if you need Baptism information you contact the Church.
    I would list every child to the parents, follow any Marriages and deaths in the site above, then search the census in Ireland.
    Townland names changed over the years that are listed in different records. Online.....spelling mistakes don't help either so you have to view each hand written record.

    Any questions please ask, then I will try and help more.


    Thursday 15th July 2021, 10:38AM

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