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Add your IrelandXO Book Club recommendations here!

We had a big response to our first IrelandXO Book Club reading list - which focused on recent releases. Based on our community's recommendations we have just published our Autumn reading list and have also included some books that are 'hot off the press'. 

We couldn't fit in all of your recommendations but rest assured that we are building up a fantastic repository of titles, based on your feedback -  hence this message board thread! Add your literary recommendations as replies to this post and let us know what Irish-interest books have caught your imagination recently. And if you are the publisher or author, make sure you also add them to the Local guide (here's a little video to show you how to do that.)

Looking forward to seeing this thread grow! 


IrelandXO Moderator LC

Tuesday 20th October 2020, 09:03PM

Message Board Replies

  • The Burren Mysteries by Cora Harrison got two member recommendations so far...

    "I recommend My Lady Judge by Cora Harrison. One of a series about a female judge in medieval Ireland who uses the Brehon law to manage her villages. I was fascinated by the inclusion of a portion of Brehon law at the beginning of each chapter." ~ Kathleen

    "I love The Burren Mysteries by Cora Harrison and Sister Fidelma series by Peter Tremayne. Both historical fiction set in a Pre- English time." ~ Julie


    Tuesday 20th October 2020, 11:17PM
  • For those who enjoy novels and Irish history, especially the famine years, I recommend the series by Charles Egan.  There are 3 books The Killing Snows, Cold is the Dawn and The Exile Breed. The story was inspired by a box of old documents found in a barn in western Ireland. 

    You don't have to read the entire series, but you will because thee characters feel like there story is the story of your Irish ancestors.  The struggles they overcome, risks they took and the committment to one another and family is inspiring. This story will stay with you a very long time.


    Wednesday 21st October 2020, 09:39PM
  • The Gracelin O'Malley trilogy by Ann Moore is a wonderful collection. 


    Wednesday 21st October 2020, 10:45PM
  • If you love the Burden you'll love Cora's Burden Mysteries. Mara is the Brehon in mediaeval times. She's tough, fair, and knows her justice stuff and a cool d detective too. There's lots of beautful landscape  and history, great characters, wonderful historical research base. All good. If you haven't been to the Burren, GO!

    Mandy Collins

    Thursday 22nd October 2020, 07:16AM
  • God I hate auto correct!

    Mandy Collins

    Thursday 22nd October 2020, 07:18AM
  • Mothers of Ireland: Poems, by Julie Kane (LSU Press, 2020). Daniel Tobin (Editor of The Book of Irish American Poets from the Eighteenth Century to the Present) writes: "This latest book by the former poet laureate of Louisiana explores the intersection of personal and historical memory with an unflinching eye, the utmost formal urgency, and an obsessive desire to plumb the starkest emotional truths--a work of revelations and raw elegance." 

    Julie Kane

    Wednesday 13th January 2021, 11:31PM
  • I would like to suggest the timely relevant "The Adoption Machine" by Paul Jude Redmond. The dark history of Ireland's mother & baby homes & the inside story of how Tuam 800 became a global scandal. Most revealing.


    Thursday 14th January 2021, 08:49AM