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Additional Request for The ODonnells of Camus Meelick, Portumna

This story begins with John O’Donnell's , who was born on the 1st of August 1866 in Turkenagh, Kilkeedy, Inchiquin, Clare, Irelandfirst marriage . John married Rose Lantry Martin the widow of Lawrence Martin of Camus Meelick, Portumna, Galway,. Rose inherited the Camus property in 1893 though her husband’s will in 1893, Lawrence had died in 1890. John and Rose were wed in Eyrecourt, Eyrecourt, Portumna, Galway, Ireland on the 29th of April 1892.

Now Rose who was born in Esker, Ballinasloe, Galway about 1863 died on the 9th of May 1901 in Camus Meelick, Portumna, Galway.

Attached please find Rose’s death registration;


The children we are researching now are as follows:

1.      Bridget O Donnell was born on February 27, 1894, to Rose Lantry, age 31, and John O'Donnell, age 27 in Camus.

2.      Annie O Donnell was born on April 14, 1895, to Rose Lantry, age 32, and John O'Donnell, age 28.

3.      Martin O Donnell was born on September 2, 1897, to Rose Lantry, age 34, and John O'Donnell, age 31.

4.      Nora O'Donnell was born on the 27 of January 1901 with disablities and died on the 15th of October,1903 due to her disabilities.

Now from the 1901 Census of Ireland we know all four children were living in Camus with their father John and their mother Rose, who would die the following month.  John O'Donnell married Bridget Early in Eyrecourt, Portumna, Galway, Ireland, on January 29, 1902, when he was 35 years old. Bridget who was born the 10th of Oct 1876, in Muckanagh, Portumna, Galway was unmarried and living in Derry, Meelick, Galway when they wed, now when we look at the 1911 Census of Ireland none of Rose and John’s children are living in the house in Camus. Five of John and Bridget’s children are living there along with Bridget’s widowed mother and six of Bridget’s siblings.

Below is the Marriage registration for John and Bridget


Now, in 1911 We find John’s daughter Bridget living in Kiltormer, West, Kiltomer, Galway. With the Campbell family and is listed as a servant age 17 (the Campbells might be related to Bridget). Her brother Martin is living in Esker, Kilmacshane. Galway, with the Silks family at age 14 and listed as a servant (again possible family connection). Then we find their sister Anne age 16 as a pupil at the Industrial School on Society Street in Ballinasloe in the 1911 Census.

There are probably two possible reasons why Bridget, Mary and Martin were no longer living in Camas, the first could have been they did not like their stepmother or the new wife did not want the children of a previous marriage living with them to move in her mother and siblings.

 Margaret Frances O'Donnell was born on the 14th of November 1913, to Bridget Early, age 37, and John O'Donnell, age 47. Margaret who was Michael Anthony Redden’s mother. Bridget, Martin and Anne were her step siblings

After the 1911 Census we cannot find any additional information on these three siblings Bridget, Martin and Anne. I have looked at the civil registrations for possible marriages or deaths, but with a surname of O’Donnell trying to narrow down the documentation is difficult.

Now the Redden connection here is that Margaret Frances O; Donnell the widow of John Briscoe of Kilmore, Eyrecourt Galway married Patrick Bernard Redden born on the 13h of April 1911 in Clonkelagh, Munigbaun, Kilquain, Co Galway, Ireland, were wed in December of 1948 in Longrea

Monday 11th November 2019, 02:58PM

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  • Miram, You are amazing with your information I found Anna O'Donnell Muirhead along with her husand Alex living in Port Chester, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA in 1940 I will be fowarding all of the additional information I have found to my Cousin Michael Anthony Redden and his daighter  Fred



    Tuesday 12th November 2019, 05:21PM