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Alexander armstrong was born abt 1797 not sure where? He was married 1835 in Dublin Ireland. To Jane armstrong youngest daughter of john Hosford of Bandon cork. Had son Joseph Hosford armstrong about 1837 in Dublin's. Alexander managed the Angleis hotel in Dublin in 1835. Any information would be helpful. Came to Australia in 1853 on Robert Small with just his son joseph.  


Sunday 22nd December 2019, 06:38AM

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  • I located a few additional details Dublin directory listings on the hotel you mentioned which might be of interest : 

    Pettigrew & Oulton 1834, Joseph Armstrong, Anglesea Arms Hotel , Crofton Place, Kingstown

    Pettigrew & Oulton 1840, Alexander & Edward Armstrong, Anglesea Arms Hotel , Crofton Place, Kingstown

    Thom’s Directory 1845, George Rathbone proprietor Anglesea Arms Hotel , Crofton Place, Kingstown
      [a Mrs. Armstrong and a Richard B. Armstrong are listed on the same street]

    Thom’s Directory 1848, George Rathbone proprietor Anglesea Arms Hotel , Crofton Place, Kingstown

    The town of  Kingstown is in south east county Dublin, the town built up after the construction of the large refuge harbour in the early 1800s, the name has now reverted back to Dún Laoghaire.

    Based on the fact that the marriage appears on the index of Dublin Diocese* Marriage Licenses I presume your Armstrongs where Church of Ireland ?
    * The Diocese of Dublin included all of county Dublin, along with most of the parishes in county Wickow and a few in County Kildare - about 160 parishes in total.

    The are some transcripts of the Church of Ireland parish records for the Churches in Kingstown and Monkstown parish on RootsIreland, but these only have marriages back to the 1840s & 50s, the official parish for the area was Monkstown, which has baptisms, marriages & death/burial records going back to the 1600s - the historic records for the parish are held by the Representative Church Body Library in South County Dublin, as far as I know the records for this parish are not available online on any of the commercial websites at the moment.

    shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 18th June 2020, 03:08PM

    My armstrongs were church of Ireland definately. Can I get a copy of Alexander Armstrongs Marriage lic from Dublin Diocese. What details would it give me. ??His  Mother or Father?

    Maybe Edward and Richard are  brothers of Alexander my Great great grandfather. I have no idea about his family, siblings etc or his birth place just a rough date from his death cert. Also my Joseph Hosford Armstrong wasnot born in1834 not till 1837 in Dublin so the mentioned Joseph may be a brother of Alexander or a father? Also the Richard living in street seems likely to be related??

    Its saying George Rathbone is proprietor of hotel 1845 and 1848 but on my Alexander wedding notice in 1835 it says he is proprietor so he must have resigned between 1835 & 1845 and went??

    I have a silver anniv record notice for Josephs daughter refering to her dad, saying  Joseph H Armstrong late of Cork Ireland. He was only 15 ish when he came to Australia with his dad Alexander- no wife,no other children?

    Thank you so much every little bit helps as I am old and want to know more about them before its my time to be history . My email is  Cheers Jeanie


    Friday 19th June 2020, 07:18AM
  • The Marriage LIcense records do not survive, only the index you’ve probably already seen - these give only very basic details of the marriage , the names of the bride and groom, the year and the Diocese. A parish marriage record for this time would only give limited details, probably just date and names of the bride and groom, possibly a residence or names of witnesses. As I mentioned the Diocese covered a very large number of parishes, but definitely worth starting a search in the Monkstown/Kingstown area.

    Marriages generally took place in the bride’s parish, that could be her parish of birth, or the parish she lived in at the time. I dont see any Hosfords in Kingstown or Monkstown in the 1830s directory listings.... not everyone is listed in these early directories, It’s also possible her father was employed by another  so did not have his own business or trade.

    The directories can be a little behind with their updates, but it certainly looks like your Armtrongs left the business not long after 1840. I can actually narrow that timeframe for you a little - directory listings show 'Alexander and Edw. Armstrong' at the 'Anglesey Arms hotel' in 1841 and  'Geo. Rathbone' appears at Anglesea Arms hotel in the 1842 and 1843 listings for Crofton place. I would think the earlier listing for that Joseph Armstrong in 1834, is likely  family member - maybe a brother or father to Alexander ? (as far as I know 1834 was the first year that directory was published)

    It’s worth keeping an eye out for further updates of Church of Ireland Records to see if any additional details for the area are added e.g. to RootIreland (pay-website) or the Anglican Records Project.  Bear in mind though that not all Church of Ireland records from this time survive… but at least there is good coverage available of the Monkstown records which seem the most likely for parish of your Armstrong/Hosford family..

    RootsIreland do seem to have transcripts of some Monkstown CofI records, even though the parish is not included in their source list  - e.g. they have Joseph Armstrong born 17th May ‘37 baptised 4th June 1837, father’s occupation ‘Hotel & Tavern keeper’.

    It looks like they have baptisms going back to the early 1800s at least, but the marriages only cover back to the 1850s - maybe it’s a work in progress ?
    I also  checked for any Hosford baptisms in the parish, but found no results…

    shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 19th June 2020, 03:27PM
  • Jane Hosford is from Bandon Corh . Her father was John Hosford. Maybe she was working at the hotel in Dublin and thats how she met Alexander??? My person email is would be much easier if thats ok. Where are u ? Thank you for all your help. I live in Perth western australia. Cheers Jeanie I am quite old an anxious to have info on ancesters before its my time to join them.


    Friday 26th June 2020, 12:08AM