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Seeking whereabouts of Alice Fahey.

Born on 23 May 1888. Appears in 1911 census in Mill Street, Birr.

Parents: Patrick Fahey and Ellen Fahey(connors).

As far as I am aware was residing in Birr in 1914......Not buried in family plot in Birr. 

May have emigrated?

Help in locating information appreciated.






Saturday 25th Jul 2020, 09:09AM

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  • Good morning

    There was only one Alice Fahey on the census for Co Offaly in 1911 which was your Alice.  I presume it is only Alice that you are trying to trace as she had several siblings?  There appear to be no records of any marriage for Alice so far.If she was married she would not have been buried in the family plot - is that in Clonoghill Cemetery? It is interesting that on the marriage record for her older sister Mary to Thomas Hackett in 1906 Alice (who was her only sister at that time) was not listed as her witness, which is unusual for that time.  I will have a look physically at the Church records in Birr, but due to Covid I don't know if and when that will be possible.





    Volunteer Ireland XO 

    Margaret, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 26th Jul 2020, 11:14AM
  • Margaret, Appreciate your prompt response. Yes family grave in Clonoghill. Yes this is the correct Alice. 



    Sunday 26th Jul 2020, 01:33PM
  • Margaret,

    Some more info.....

    There are 3 graves in Clonoghill.

    Large contains Joe/Tom/Gregory/Esther.

    Two singles contain Paddy Fahey and Mary Ann Hackett(Fahey).

    Bridget and Peter(shot in 1916 on wall in Glasnevin) buried in Dublin.

    Christopher(changed name from Fahey to Fay) buried in Baytown Texas.

    Three of the family in the WW1 - Paddy/Gregory/Christopher.

    There was also a Fahey Family Band that played "gigs" in the Birr Area. Paddy/Joe/Tom & Esther were involved. I think Alice was also(unsure). I have an old photo taken in 1914? that contains Alice. also in the photo is Paddy Fahey's first wife-Mary Alcock(they were married in 1914).

    I did locate at some point an Alice Fahey(with an address in Offaly other than Birr) on a Passenger list...unsure if this is the same Alice?


    Pat Fahey

    Will try to locate image and forward.





    Monday 27th Jul 2020, 07:46AM
  • Hello Pat

    I would be very confident that that is your Alice who immigrated in October 1913.  She could have just been living in Kinnitty as a servant/maid at that time.  Her mother is listed as Ms P Fahey (I think that is what is meant).   I will have a further look at the US records.  The photo you have of her in 1914 with ?   Is there a query with the date as that, if date is correct, would not tie in with going to US in 1913.  Have you considered putting up an Ancestor Chronicle for Alice?   I would help with if if you would like as there is a very interesting family history.  





    Margaret, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 28th Jul 2020, 06:57AM
  • Attached Files


    This is the photograph of Alice(left) with my fathers(patrick) first wife.

    I had assumed it may have been taken around the time of their wedding in 1914 but it could have been taken earlier.

    Had not considered putting up an Ancestor chronical for Alice. Am not familiar with the process - will have a look and may take you up on your kind offer.





    Thursday 30th Jul 2020, 07:32AM
  • Hi Pat

    Beautiful photo.  Thank you for posting.  I will help with the Chronicle, if you would like me to.  If so please email as it is easier collect the information to do that.  



    Margaret, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 30th Jul 2020, 05:47PM

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