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The Allen (O'Haillin) Family of Donegal

Good day,

I know this is quite a longshot, but I figured it was worth a try. I am trying to locate any information on my ancestors or any potentailly living relatives, distant as they may be. I am descended from the Allen family of County Donegal, which has also been known as Ó hAilín or O'Haillin. 

What I know of my paternal line thus far:

My great grandfather, Robert Allen, was born in Ireland in 1853 and came to America as a baby. His wife was Henriette (maiden name unknown), who is believed to have also been Irish. 

His father was John Allen, born in Derrylough, Co. Donegal, in September of 1819 and he died somewhere in the county in 1880.

And his father, also named John Allen, was born in 1797 and died in 1864. He was burried in Derry, so it is presumable the family lived there for a time or in the northeast Donegal area. His wife was Rebecca Williams, born 1783 and died 1865. 

I know that there was still living family in Ireland well into the 20th century, as my grandfather had correspondence with a relative in the country as late as the 1990s. Unfortunately, my father and uncle burned most of my grandfather's "non valuable" possessions after his death. So, names, addresses, and any other links to family in Ireland were destroyed. 

Any other Irish Allens or O'Haillins out there? 

Zoe O'Berne

Tuesday 30th June 2020, 04:10PM

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  • Zoe,

    I looked the John & Rebecca’s deaths up on the GRONI website and both appear to have been living in Co. Londonderry when they died. John’s date of death was 23rd May 1864 and Rebecca’s 19th March 1865. You can view the original certificates on-line on the GRONI website, using the “search registrations” option:

    You will need to open an account and buy some credits. It costs £2.50 (sterling) to a view a certificate.

    The addresses and informants on the death certificates may help you start tracing the family. (Put that information on this board and we’ll see what we can do).

    And if they were buried in Londonderry, which cemetery? Have you checked with the cemetery authorities to see if they have any records of next of kin, and who else is buried there?

    I looked for a John Allen who died in Londonderry in 1880 but could not find one. I also searched for Derrylough in Co Donegal, but again without success.

    I did find a John Allen of about the right age who died 4th Aug 1882 at 7 Ann St, Lecky Rd, Derry aged 63 (so born c 1819). He was a widower. Informant was his grandson George.


    Tuesday 30th June 2020, 06:39PM
  • Hi my name is Alex Davis. My wife's name is Chelsea Davis (Allen). I wanted to reach out because I believe your great-grandfather, Robert Allen, is possibly cousin of my wife's 2nd great grandfather, John H Allen, 1866-1923. He was born in Pennsylvania. His father was William Allen, 1846-1922, born in Pennsylvania and who was married to Martha C Allen. His father was Robert Allen, 1776-1860, born in Castlefin, Donegal, Ireland.

    Going down the line from John H Allen: His son is William F Allen, 1888-1962, born in Roscoe, Pennsylvania. His son is Donald E Allen, 1919-1997, born in Duquesne, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. His son was Scott S Allen, who is my wife's father.

    If any of this sounds correct id love to chat some more!


    Alex Davis

    Alex Davis

    Monday 6th July 2020, 05:57PM