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Hi there!  Trying to join the dots.... looking for any info on Rev Peter Alley and his large family, as well as Gerald, a nephew who specifically gave his parish as Aghaboe when he married Rebekah Rogers in 1756. Thank you!




Rosie Alley

Thursday 23rd Jul 2020, 12:48AM

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  • Hello from Irelandxo,

    Could you let me know the religious denomination of the people in the query, please.



    Ballyadams Laois

    Monday 7th Sep 2020, 03:23PM
  • Hello Rosie,

    Apologies for the long delay in these turbulent COVID 19 times. Hope you have avoided the pandemic. 


    Regarding John Alley, Anna I. Alley, and Joseph Reid:

    The records show that Anna Alley and Joseph Reid were married in 1868. Her place of residence was given as what looks like Clonin and her father is given as John Alley.The death record for John Alley (RIC member) is given as Clonin and shows he died in 1888. It also shows present at death was Anna I. Reid, daughter. John's wife Jane died 1885 at Clonin. It looks like this John resided at Clonin rather than Glenbower but we cannot be sure. The full records listed above can be viewed on free site. These are the Civil records and they commenced in1864. I have had a quick glance at them  and they contain a lot of Alley Births, Marriages, and Deaths. If you have not already used this site it might provide some more details for your research. 

    Details of John's Birth might help solve the location problem. This would entail consulting the parish registers. The registers are not on line but most that exist are held at the Representative Church Body (RCB)Library in Dublin. The library index lists Offerlane parish registers as being held there. They would seem to be the registers applicable in this case. 

    Their website:


    They are probably operating a restricted service due to COVID, but it is worth contacting them to see what the position is and if they can help.

    Alley Clergy

    I could not find any online information on the Alley Clergy. However, I did find a book entitled 'Ossory Clergy and Parishes' by Rev.James B. Leslie. My local library had it listed on their catalogue but when I visited to view it, it could not be found, very disappointing!. I checked the RCB library and they have a copy listed on their catalogue. If you contact them they might be willing to check it for Alley Clergy details. All the parishes you list in your query are in the Diocese of Ossory, so the book is almost certain to contain information on them. Hopefully the library would copy the relevant details and email them to you. 

    If I can be of any further assistance do let me know.


    Best Wishes and Best of Luck,



    Ballyadams Laois

    Friday 20th Nov 2020, 03:59PM

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