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I am looking for any relatives of Aloysius McMahon born in MountMellick in 1876 to a grocer John McMahon and wife Margaret Germaine.


Many thanks

Eileen McMahon


Monday 9th August 2021, 06:42PM

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  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 9th August 2021, 06:50PM
  • Here's a link to the 1911 census showing Aloysius, his wife, and several children living in Dublin.  All the children were born in Dublin.  


    Perhaps you can trace some of the children to find living relatives.


    Tuesday 10th August 2021, 07:45PM
  • Partricia,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I have all the information on the children but I am trying to go back further about John's family history and Margaret Germaines family history. I have come to a dead end. I intend going to Mountmellick to check grave stones locally in August as this is my last hope.


    Wednesday 11th August 2021, 11:59AM
  • Hi Eileen, 

    Please forgive this late reply but technical issues prevented me joining in to the conversation.

    I see you have already thought of visiting Mountmellick this month to search the graveyards here so if you wish me to help in anyway

    just let me know.

    With the covid most of the parish offices have been closed and very few are re-opened yet.

    My email is if you wish to contact me direct.

    Kind Regards



    Thursday 12th August 2021, 03:10PM
  • Not sure if you have the marriage record for John and Margaret... The National Library of Ireland register for the Diocese of Kildare and Loughlin, parish of Rathvilly, shows the marriage of John McMahon and Margaret, 21 October 1858, They lived in the townland of Lisnava (Lisnevagh), Co. Carlow.

    An online article, GERMAINE OF LISNAVAGH & TOBINSTOWN (see refers to a Margaret Germaine whose parents, Eliza Hyland and Michael Germaine, died when she was a child. It says “Margaret (who may have married John McMahon of Lisnavagh)...”

    There are a few books written about the Germaines…google “Kay Cole Germaine.”

    I hope this is helpful.


    Thursday 12th August 2021, 04:10PM
  • Griffith’s Valuation in 1852 shows a Patrick Germaine living in Lisnavagh.

    About Mountmellick cemeteries....the largest Catholic Cemetery is St. Joseph’s, and you can search the burial register here:


    Thursday 12th August 2021, 04:30PM
  • John McMahon, merchant, died 25 Dec 1886 in Mountmellick:


    Thursday 12th August 2021, 04:37PM
  • Just to clarify, uses the spelling Lisnevagh (Lios na bhFiodh). I've also found it spelled Lisnavagh.


    Friday 13th August 2021, 02:43PM
  • Hi to everyone who replied and assisted.

    In particular Kevin. 

    Kevin gave up his full day , did research on my behalf before I arrived, opened doors that would otherwise have been closed to me and in doing so, together with a lot of team  and leg work, we found the grave of my Great Grandmother, Margaret Germaine. 

    The absolute thrill of standing on this ground  was beyond words!!

    We also discovered a golden nugget of information which helped with future research i.e. name changes of streets from Anglo to Irish. Again, this was due to Kevin and his contacts.

    You cannot underestimate the value of local knowledge.

    It is the basis and credence of this site.

    Thank you all most sincerely,

    It has given me great support to continue on my journey of discovery


    Eileen McMahon





    Friday 27th August 2021, 09:10AM
  • Kevin:

    Great work! Thanks for assisting Eileen!


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 28th August 2021, 03:26PM
  • Hello, My name is Jean McMahon and my grandfather was William Aloysius, grandson of John McMahon and Margaret Germaine. I have done some work on and now live quite near Mountmellick so am planning to do further work. I’m part of a wonderful extended McMahon family all originally based in Dublin. Two of my uncles and three of my aunts are still alive, one called Patricia too! From what I can tell, Germaine is a Huguenot name and the Huguenots were French Protestants who fled persecution and many ended up in the Mountmellick area in the textile industry. Jean



    Jean Mc

    Tuesday 30th November 2021, 10:50PM
  • Hi Jean,

    Wonderful to hear from you. We definitely must be related. 

    I came across a brick wall after I found The gravestone in Mountmellick . Could find no mention of the McMahons within the area after that.

    I did trace back to John being a Merchant .

    My brothers name is Aloysius and we live in Dublin. I had Uncles named Aloysius, John, Peter, and aunts called Ann, Maureen, Margaret and Eileen, Whom I am called after..

    Patricia is a volunteer on this site who helps out . Thats where the name Patricia comes in.

    My name is Eileen McMahon.

    I would love to hear more from you!!!




    Wednesday 1st December 2021, 04:27PM
  • Hi Eileen,

    It sounds as though your uncle, Aloysius, was my grandfather.  He was christened William Aloysius but always called Louis.  I'm pretty sure he had brothers with those names. My father was Michael Sylvester, always called Syl.  My grandfather lived in Terenure in Mount Tallant Avenue.  We were always told some story about he and siblings spending time in an orphanage and of there being nuns in the family so it would be really interesting to know more. I'm fascinated with the Germaine connection as I know it's a French Huguenot name so plan on exploring that. I can send you the family trr I have but it doesn't go back further than Margaret Germaine at the moment.  I saw those other connections but want to check them out.  I'm planning to do some more work on this over the Christmas holidays.

    You can email me on  Great to make contact!  You can also connect with me on FaceBook and meet more of the family if you like.  Send me a friend request.


    Jean Mc

    Friday 3rd December 2021, 10:33AM