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I am looking for an ancestor Edward Cattle. He lived in/near Birmingham from around the age of 20 but on all census records he is recorded as being born in Caire (probably Caher) Tipperary, Ireland between 1816 and 1817. I've searched the available online records and the only similar name registered in Tipperary is Edwardus Costello born in Cashel, in 1816, however it seems he may have died in Tipperary (unless there was another Edward costello alive at that time). The online version of one of the Caher parish records is missing the end of 1815 through to the end of 1817, which is not helpful.

I've contacted the church of Ireland parish office via email with no reaponse. Can anyone help? Also can anyone tell me if cattle/was a known surname in the area?

Lastly, a bit off topic but I am also interested in the story that Edward 2nd, King of England, wasn't actually killed at berkley castle and escaped (for a period of time) to ireland. I would be interested to know if there are any local ledgends, folk tales etc. Of a King (or a reclusive hermit) arriving in and living in Ireland after or around 1328?

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Saturday 6th February 2021, 02:05PM

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  • Hi Lewis, a local volunteer has been notified whom we hope will be in touch with more information.

    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Tuesday 25th May 2021, 08:51PM