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Ann and Sally Matilda Young baptisms (Armagh)

I have come across a document that appears to be a page from a baptism/birth register from County Armagh, with entries for 1836-37 (copy attached).  Can anyone identify this document or its source?

I am particularly interested in two entries -

8 March 1837 baptism of Ann Young, parents James Young and Mary Kilpatrick, Kililea

14 April 1837 baptism of Sally(?) Matilda Young, parents William Young and Jane(?) Kilpatrick

I have family details relating to the first of these entries but not of the second.  Wondering if the story is of two Kilpatrick sisters marrying two Young brothers?  Would appreciate any information that might assist in exploring this possible link.

Also, any help in deciphering the place name for the second baptism (Sally Matilda Young) in the last column would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Friday 18th September 2020, 12:22AM

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  • Paul,

    The layout suggests to me a Presbyterian baptism register. Killylea is in the parish of Tynan. There are 3 Presbyterian churches in that area. Middletown has baptisms from 1829 onwards, Lislooney from 1836 and Drumhillery from 1829. So the entries may be from one of those. There are copies of the first two sets of records in PRONI in Belfast. For Drumhillery, the Minister has the only copy.

    The townland for the second baptism looks like Tirearly (parish of Lisnadill).

    It wasn’t unusual for 2 brothers to marry 2 sisters. I have come across that before.

    I agree the second baptism appears to be for Sally and mother’s maiden name was Kilpatrick. Sally & Sarah are interchangeable so you might find that lady in later life calling herself Sarah. Kilpatrick and Kirkpatrick are likewise interchnageable and folk often swapped between the two.


    Friday 18th September 2020, 09:48AM
  • Thank you Elwyn, much appreciated.


    Friday 18th September 2020, 11:05AM
  • Elwyn,

    I've just been able to confirm that the baptism register was from Lislooney Presbyterian Church, one of the three churches that you identified as possibilities.

    My thanks again.



    Monday 21st September 2020, 05:58AM


    Glad to have helped.



    Monday 21st September 2020, 07:15AM