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Hi My family is connected in this parish through the following:

Paul Henry Moran born about 1862 - son of John Moran from Roskeen, a blacksmith and Mary McLoughlin.

Frances McManamon born Sep 1870 - daughter of Patrick McManamon, a farmer of Nerwbridge Street, Newport and Sarah Masterson.

John had a forge at the top of Main Street where the Mural of 1798 rebellion is now situated.

Any information about the extended families of the Moran's and McManamons would be appreciated.


Monday 15th July 2019, 12:31PM

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  • Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    You likely know that Newport RC records start in 1872.

    On the free site  I located the 1888 marriage for Paul Moran and Fanny McManamon. I also found an 1890 birth record for a Mary Anne Moran which may be your Anne Moran.

    I  found the 1901 census record which showed the widower John Moran and his son John and his family in Roskeen North. I also found John Sr.'s death record in 1908. I did not locate Mary Moran's death record because there were too many Mary Moran death records in the Westport registration district prior to 1901.

    I assume Paul and his family emigrated pre 1901?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 15th July 2019, 06:01PM
  • The Moran family are still in Roskeen North and there are several other related families. There are many Moran families in that area and that family had the nickname the Smith Morans, the family are no longer blacksmiths.

    S. Cadden, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 24th September 2019, 10:16AM
  • Can you tell me if any of the Smith Morans still reside in Roskeen and if there is any way I can reach out to them and their extended families


    Wednesday 25th September 2019, 10:46AM
  • There is grand nephew still alive in his lat 80s and he has a very  good knowledge of the family, his grand mother was   a sister of Paul. My wife is a 2nd cousin of his on his fathers side. There is another very well informed lady who is a grandasughter of Patrick, Pauls brother. I expect to meet them tomorrow night and will tell them you would like to make contact. I presume they are a second cousin of yours.  Who will I say is looking for them.

    Several years ago I put together a good family  tree but I just have not managed to find it. I will keep searching. I am not related to the Smith Morans. I remember seeing a record of Pauls family in Dublin it must have been in the 1911 census.

    Sean Cadden

    S. Cadden, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 25th September 2019, 03:14PM
  • I am the great granddaughter of Paul Moran and Frances Mcmanamon. I can be contacted by email and mobile number 087 6154788.  Many thanks for your help so far. 


    Thursday 26th September 2019, 04:34AM