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Anne Markey (nee. Mooney)

I am looking for any information in regards to my 3 times great grandmother Anne Mooney.

She married Peter Markey in Heronstown, Meath (just outside Lobinstown) on the 20th Of January 1872. On the marriage certificate on Civil Records it states that the father was Thomas Mooney.

Fortunately Anne is listed on the 1901 Census at Parsonstown Demesne, Killary, Meath and her brother lives with her named Patrick Mooney (born around 1834)

I think Anne was born in the late 1840s so that would suggest there could be other siblings...

I know her father was already deceased by her marriage and I do not have her mother’s name.

I have tried Rootsireland as well. But I can never narrow down which one could be her on the Baptismal Records. Does anyone have any guidance for what could be my next step or is there anyone that could potentially be related to the family.

I have used extensive DNA research as well and there is a surname that pops up a lot from that area which could be the mother’s maiden name due to the amount of matches with this name and the same area. It could be Traynor or Carry. But obviously that could be further back. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dario 


Wednesday 11th September 2019, 06:29PM

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  • Dario,

    I've discovered a lot of family baptisms and marriages on Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI in trying to research a first and second marriage with quite a bit of success especially when you know a place and dates to search around.  I recently started a notebook just to record family names in Navan to see if I could connect the dots that way, too.

    Not sure if you've used this site, but thought I'd share their link just in case you hadn't. I bookmarked their link below because it's so handy.  Good luck with your search!




    Thursday 17th October 2019, 08:16PM