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Cannot locate Anne Weldon’s birth record in Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin.  Her siblings were easily found in the NLI Catholic Registers starting with brother Garret in 1826, Thomas (1829), Patrick (1833), Mary Anne (1836) and Margaret (1839).  Anne’s parents were James Weldon and Catherine Burrows or Burroughs.  James Weldon died in 1864.  

Anne had an older sister named Mary Anne (1836).  We know Anne was a baptism sponsor to Catherine Weldon of Kill Parish on 30 June 1862, and, from the record it appears she lived in Palmerstown. Anne's older sister became pregnant, but not married.  We believe Mary Anne and her daughter Catherine, who was born in Ireland, and Anne journeyed to Australia in about 1863.  Mary Anne linked up with the father of Catherine, John Kiely, and had several more children before eventually marrying John Kiely of Kilbeheny Co. Limerick, and Anne married John Rometsh in Victoria, Australia. So, my challenge is no birth record for Anne Weldon and Catherine Kiely, and no assisted or unassisted emigration in any of the Australian provinces for the Weldon's.







Thursday 16th September 2021, 07:25AM

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