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Any relative of Patrick Torpey 1852?

Hi :)

I hope you are very well. My name is Alejandra Torpey, my Dad and I have been trying to find information about our ancestors in Ireland, I arrived to this community thanks to some information a friend told me about Torpey or Tarpey being an old Irish name from this community. 

Patrick or Patricio Torpey is my father's great grandfather and we want to find his birth certificate, that is why I am starting this discussion hoping someone around can help me and my Dad.

Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes from Mexico! 

Alejandra Torpey

Friday 8th November 2019, 07:34PM

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  • Alejandra:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Civil registration of births started in Ireland in 1864. Prior to 1864, we only have available baptismal records as a source. Do you have any info regarding Patricio's parents names? I took a quick look at the subscription site Roots Ireland and there were 17 Patrick Torpey/Tarpey baptismal records from 1847-1857. None of the records were in Co. Sligo. Most of them were in Mayo, Roscommon and Limerick. There are also a number of RC parishes which do not have records back to 1857. 

    So knowing his parents names will allow us to see if a baptismal record is available.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Saturday 9th November 2019, 12:35AM
  • Hi Roger,

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome and for your kind reply, I truly appreciate it and I appreciate you :) 
    I'll ask my Dad to see if he has further information or a way to find out more. Just out of curiosity, do you know how does the process of asking for those 17 records would be? because I think the birth year of his great grandfather is as much as he could find. If we can find something else, I'll let you know for sure and again, thanks so much :)

    Warm regards!


    Alejandra Torpey

    Tuesday 12th November 2019, 02:48AM
  • Alejandra:

    You would have to take out a short-term subscription to Roots Ireland to pull up the records. However, if you locate some more info on names of the parents of Patricio, I would be glad to look to see if any of the 17 records that I mentioned match up with your family info.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 12th November 2019, 05:10PM