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i have found the link I was missing but need help with the marriage please and if any siblings.

michael doyle born 13th aug 1749 at ballingtemple,tullow.

parents james doyle and mary I assume fitzgerald as a sponser was a michael fitzgerald

I hope some one can assist thank you 


Wednesday 3rd Nov 2021, 12:08AM

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  • James Doyle and Mary Walsh were married 29 Sept. 1750 in the RC parish of Tullow. Witnesses: Bridget Walsh, John (?). Note this date follows the date of baptism for Michael.

    Baptisms were located for the following children. It is quite unusual to have a gap of 7 years before the first and second child, so perhaps some baptisms are missing here.

    • Doyle Michael 1749 Co. Carlow (mother Mary Doyle, sponsors Michael Fitzgerald, Cath Doyle)
    • Doyle Mary 1756 Co. Carlow (mother Mary Walsh, sponsors Patrick Egan, Eliz Masterson)
    • Doyle Rose 1759 Co. Carlow (mother Mary Walsh, sponsors James Byrne, Catherine [Donahue])
    • Doyle James 1762 Co. Carlow
    • Doyle Bridget 1765 Co. Carlow
    • Doyle Bridget 1765 Co. Carlow
    • Doyle Nelly 1768 Co. Carlow
    • Doyle Patrick 1771 Co. Carlow

    I hope this is helpful.


    Wednesday 3rd Nov 2021, 03:10PM

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