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Ballygar Churches


Great x3 Grandparents Lawrence and Bridget (nee Nolan) Carty were from Killeroran Galway. Their recorded marraige in 1864 references a Roman Catholioc Chapel. If anyone can clearify where this could be?

Searching has found a few different options, what I have found so far

The old church in the Killeroran Cemetery. I know this is reported to be in ruins but could it have been a chapel in 1864?

Griffins Valuation 1855-57 maps show a "R C Chapel" closeby in Ballygar near Main St and Pound Rd? Ive seen info stating this to have been build by Denis Kelly and noted as the Church of Ireland?  later sold and moved to Gortanumera in 1933

St Marys near center of Ballygar?

The Chapel closeby in Newbridge but this appears to have been built later. 


Any help greatly appreciated

Thank you

Matt McCarthy


Saturday 8th August 2020, 01:09PM

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