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Bannons and Gardiners among Irish Disapora to Argentina early 1800s

I have traced my 2nd g-grandparents back to Chascomus, Buenos Aires, Argentina in the mid 1800s. Argentine birth records and Census documents identify them as Irlandes (Irish).  His name was Andrew (Andres) Bannon (Banan) (b. 1818 on cemetery records,  but shown variously as 1821-1832 in Argentine birth records), and his wife was Honor (Nicanora, Onoria, Honoria) (b.,ca. 1832) Gardiner (Jardnera) perhaps in Mayo, Ireland.  Honor's parents might have been John Gardiner and Honor McCabe.

I have no definitive documents concerning their origins - Irish certainly - but I'm guessing Longford / Westmeath:  "Amazingly, two thirds of the Irish diaspora in Argentina originated from Longford/Westmeath. People all along the Shannon from Clonmacnois, Ballinahown, Banagher, Clara, Kilbeggan, Moate, the hinterlands of Athlone, in particular Drumraney, Tubberclair, and significant numbers from Ballymahon right up to Mullingar making up large chunks of the exodus to leave Ireland, particularly from 1850 to 1900."

Mine are before that time.

Gardiners and Banonns are prominent donors to Irish famine relief in 1847 Argentine documents.  Any thoughts about Bannons and Gardiners or sources on the diaspora would be welcome.

CB Kracht

Tuesday 15th September 2020, 08:28PM

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  • Hi CB:

    Many thanks for your post to the message board and for sharing some of your Irish-Argentinian family information.  

    Yes, Longford and WestMeath were very popular areas from which the Irish emigrated from.  In addition, there was also a merchant class from Limerick who went to Argentina as well in the late 1800s.  

    As a matter of interest, when I input both surnames into the John Grenham ancestors website, there are several parishes that come up that contain both surnames.  This is a great clue in determining where your ancestors may have come from--particularly pre-Famine where due to lack of travel, many couples who married lived within 5 miles of one another.

    Would you be willing to create a few Ancestor profiles of your Bannon and Gardiner ancestors on the XOChronicles feature which is located at the top of this page?  These profiles will be of interest to any members who are also researching the same families and you may find that others will be willing to share and collaborate with you on your research.

    If you have any questions about the above, please email me directly at:

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 16th September 2020, 01:31PM
  • Dear Jane,

    I did the same thing, which only confirmed my general thoughts about their origins - somewhere in the middle of Ireland.  I can't find any definitive emigration data, ship manifests (ISTG), or immigration info prior to their appearance in Argentina, sometime before 1847 - Father Anthony Fahey's account.  Andrew might have been on the William Peele in 1844 along with - but separated from on the manifest - three other Bannons

    Perusing the available records, I can't find any that correlate well enough for me to assign any confidence level above 50% for relationships of Gardiners and Bannons found in immigration documents and birth records. The names Brigida (Jordan) Gardiner, Santiago and Patrick Gardiner and Elena McDonnell (godparents ) show up birth and baptism records. So I'm gussing those Gardiners are somehow related.  No Bannons as godparents however. It's slow going translating Argentine Spanish handwriting.  Patrick is godfather to many families.  Anna Rose Bannon's (my great aunt) godparents are Eduardo Sommer and Maria Kelly - no relation to Bannons or Gardiners that I know of.  Maria Bannon's godparents are Santiago (James) Gardiner (age 37) and Brigida Jordan (Bordan?) (age 37), so Santiago might be a brother or cousin. Few records for him however.  Maria's parents Andrew and Honor were 60 and 41 at the time of her birth.

    Father Fahey mentions several prominent($) Bannons and Gardiners - Andrew Bannon, James (Santiago) Gardiner, Widow Gardiner, and Patrick Gardiner - 1863. Could be my guys.

    Without boots on the ground in Argentina, it's going to be difficult to do any better - as yet.
    Stay safe,
    Carl Kracht

    CB Kracht

    Thursday 17th September 2020, 04:58PM
  • Dear Carl:

    I can only imagine how tedious it must be for you to be translating Spanish documents!!  Fair dues to you for the patience and determination to do so.

    I think that it will be one document that will probably give you the clue that you need to find out where the Bannons and Gardiners came from.  I will continue to see what sources are there, and please stay in touch with your research.  It may be a matter of a local history document (either in Argentina or Ireland) that breaks down this brick wall.  

    The very best of luck with your search.  If you do find anything further, please let me know.

    All the best,





    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 18th September 2020, 01:07PM