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I have been searching for book 36 and it's entries for some time. Whats odd about this entry is he was approximately 16 years of age when then entry was recorded at St. Andrews. 

  • John Joseph Kelly was late baptism.  
  • His entry was recorded in book 36, page 165.
  • He was born in 1884, 13 cuffe Street.
  • Parents were Bernard Kelly & Mary A Sheehan

Thank you for any help in locating the actual entry



Monday 16th August 2021, 04:31PM

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  • You can contact the parish office at St. Andrew's RC Church as follows: Email:


    Monday 16th August 2021, 05:32PM
  • Thank you Patrica. Will do.

    Monday 16th August 2021, 07:29PM
  • Hello, I think the census shows them at house 13.2 Cuffe Street, this is an administrative number of for the census, and he was probably liviing in a shared house, the address is Cuffe Street just not necessarily that number, the father Bernard's age at 40 may be incorrect as I see the marriage in 1875 and he is 22 and she is 20. He is a widower in the census so she has died. It is not unusual for the age to be incorrect as the person filling it out may not have know. This may be true as the entry for head of house is not the first entry.

    He is a widower and so I thought the mother may have died in childbirth, there is a Mary Kelly died in 1884 age 29 from those issues but not sure of exact issue, she died in Drumcondra Road in Dublin North, the informant means nothing to me from your information. 

    If I have the correct people John J may have been baptised at birth by a lay person in the hospital or forgotten in the general upset at tthe time. This usually comes to light for Catholics around age 12 when confirmation requires proof of baptism or when he was to be married, this is surmise on my part but the various certs are available to view here, 

    On the down side to my musings I could not find any baptism or civil registration for the other children on the census to those parents either nor any children on a subscription site. I see his death in 1935 age given as 78 and daughter Kate informant.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Monday 16th August 2021, 09:40PM