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My great great grandfather Richard Barrett was born abt 1849. He married a Julia McCarthy born abt 1846. They had a son Robert, my great grandfather, born 1866 in Derreennacno. The church record is from Cork & Ross, Caheragh. They also had 3 other children Mary Anne, Johannah who died at 2 and Richard Jr. Everyone emigrated. However we believe that Richard Sr had siblings that stayed in Derreennacno. Possibly their names are Robert and Ellen. Also, Julia McCarthy died in 1878 and it was after that my family emigrated. They were tenant farmers as we have found them on the tithe applotment in Derreennacno. We would love to find where Julia is buried and more about her and of course any descendants from the siblings of Richard Barrett Sr. Thank you!


Sunday 24th February 2019, 09:23PM