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Birth Certificate

I am trying to find my grandfather's birth certificate.His family lived in Ballyporeen and he was born March 5, 1898. Can you advise on what offices could help with this search?

Much thanks, Kathleen 




Boston Girl

Thursday 15th October 2020, 05:39PM

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  • Hello BG you did not give a name but you should find the civil entry here, so you can copy the ledger entry or if you want the full legal cert it is €20 and there are insturctions on the site, the main Gro office is in Roscommon. You an buy online but the GRO is here

    Good Luck


    Thursday 15th October 2020, 11:21PM
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    Friday 16th October 2020, 03:53AM
  • Boston Girl...... look in this site first, then if you need a Certificate, follow the links.



    Friday 16th October 2020, 09:12AM
  • Found the birth record for my grandfather on Irish Genealogy! It looks like he made up a new birthday and year when he came to the states!! He was several years younger than my grandmother-which she was always uncomfortable with. Many thanks!




    Friday 16th October 2020, 05:00PM
  • Hi, there are other places to look for information depending on the year your Grandfather was born.
    1823 are the earliest records. 

    If he went to the USA or Australia there are ship recodrs. Some are free. 

    Sunday 18th October 2020, 09:17AM
  • He was born in 1897 and left for the states (through Canada I believe) probably about 1920ish. I have never been able to locate his ship records though. Any recommendations on how to locate them? Also, I only found his birth record (many names on a page but very specific info. Are there birth certificates also?




    Sunday 18th October 2020, 05:58PM
  • Hi BG here is the Cobh (Cove) Heritage centre) formely Queenstown for shipping records, pre 1922 it was cheaper to travel via Canada as it was all part of the Empire. 

    You could also look at Cyndis List online and pre 1892 Castle Garden in New York.

    Good Luck


    Sunday 18th October 2020, 10:54PM
  • Hi Kathleen,

    What is  your Grandfathers name?


    Tuesday 20th October 2020, 03:29PM
  • Hi Margot, 
    His name was Thomas Fogarty. Born in Coolagarranroe in 1897.



    Wednesday 21st October 2020, 03:21PM
  • Hi, thanks, makes it easier to search with a name.
    Have you ever seen Thomas' Grandfathers signature?
    This is Thomas in the 1901 Census.

    Was he married when he left Ireland?


    Thursday 22nd October 2020, 11:47AM
  • Hi, I saw this......1924

    Thursday 22nd October 2020, 12:02PM

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  • Hi Margot,

    He was not married before he left. I found his birth record but no birth certificate. Is it possible to get a birth certificate?

    Friday 23rd October 2020, 12:34AM
  • Margot, my 93 yr old dad (93 tomorrow/10-23) was so thrilled to get to see these documents. His father was a man of few words and did not share much about his life. I do know that my grandfather left his home in the middle of the night because the Black and Tans were looking for him and there was a bounty on his head. We knew he had escaped to Canada before coming to the US but no other details. Thank you so much!

    Friday 23rd October 2020, 04:12AM
  • Hi Kathleen,

    This is the online birth record
    Number 422.

    If you go back to the web site that I gave a few post back you could follow the links.
    All you will get is the copy and paste of 422 on to a Certificate and signed by an official.
    Only if you were to use it for something Legal you would need the certificate. 

    This is the townland if Coolagarranoe



    Friday 23rd October 2020, 03:42PM