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Blake relatives from Preban, Wicklow 1830s

My 4xgreat grandfather was Dr William Joseph Blake from Prebawn, Wicklow. Am wondering if anyone has any info on this family? He married Jane Ireland in 1834, she was a widow.


Friday 8th November 2019, 02:47PM

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    My Hopkins ancestors also came from Preban Parish in Co. Wicklow.   A number of marriages took place between the Blakes and Hopkins but I have no record of either William Blake or Jane Ireland (another local family).

    A Jane Wallace married a William Blake sometime around 1835...could this be your widow Jane Ireland (or the other way round?) ?  There was a son Thos Wallace Blake...note middle name and also a son   William Ireland Blake...note middle name.

    Threre were a lot of other children.

    A Jane Wallace Blake of Ballinglen died May 27 1878 at age 65, buried Preban.

    All a bit fuzzy, but send me you ancestry going as far back as you can and I will see what if any additional data I can provide.


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    Good hunting


    Wednesday 11th December 2019, 04:41AM