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Family records plus some printed history has my great-great grandparents (above) as residents of Cappamore Parish during 1800s. John B(o)urke and Margaret Gavan (various spelling) were husband and wife; as were Thomas Carmody and Mary Reardon (various spelling).

According to family records my great grandfather Daniel B(o)urke was born Cappamore Parish 1828 (son of John and Margaret); His wife Mary Ellen Carmody was born Cappamore Parish 1839 (daughter of Thomas and Mary) they married in Cappamore in 1862.

Have identified one brother for Daniel, whose name was Patrick born 1845. Mary Ellen Carmody born 1839, both born in Cappamore again according to family history.

Have identified Michael, Patrick and Catherine as Mary Ellen's siblings being baptised 1818 in Kilcommon (Tip.); 1823 in Pallasgreen (Lim.); 1827 in Pallasgreen (Lim.) respectively. Their father Thomas is recorded as being a contractor so this could be why the children were born in different localities.

Daniel and Mary Ellen Bourke along with their seven children emigrated to Australia in 1882. Daniel's brother Patrick emigrated to the same location earlier.

Have been trying to locate other siblings of Daniel without success... any help will be appreciated.

Turagh (Killuragh), Cappamore, Farnane, Dromsally, Cullenaugh and Portane/Portnard are mentioned as places where the families once lived... there could be others.

Kind regards.

Peter Burke.




Friday 9th Apr 2021, 10:33PM

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  • Cappamore volunteer alerted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 9th Apr 2021, 11:34PM
  •   Hi Peter, found the marriage of Daniel Burke and Mary Carmody  on NLI,  new site witnesses were John Mealy,  I am wondering was this Malley, and  Margaret Madden,  the address given was Cappamore, wondering was this the parish or the village,  These people would have been alive and young in the 1901 census, so I checked it , found a William Burke aged 6 with relatives  Butlers  in Cappamore village, DED   Cappamore ,also found them in DED Kilmurry and  DED  Boher.  Have you looked through headstone inscriptions for Towerhill graveyard also St Fintans bgraveyard Doon, both on

    If you cannot locate anything I would suggest a query on the Cappamore notes on  The Limerick newspaper.  I will find email address for this person.

    Best of luck, let me know how you get on.

    Christina Ireland Irelandxo Volunteer.


    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 11th Apr 2021, 09:54AM
  • Christina,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I have the marriage registration details of my grandparents Daniel B(o)urke and Mary Ellen Carmody. Also the registrations of their two daughters and five sons. I am in agreement with you regarding the Mealy name as a witness, which I presume should be Mally/Malley/O'Malley etc. I suspect the marriage place is Cappamore Village as I was informed some time ago that marriages took place at the home of the bride during these times. Then again their eldest son John "Jack" B(o)urke (my grandfather) was born at Turagh in 1863 which was a Townland? in Cappamore Parish. My direct family of Daniel and Mary Ellen B(o)urke and seven children would not have been mentioned in the 1901 Census as they left Ireland for Australia in 1882. As mentioned in my previous message, I am trying to find any of Daniel's (reported to have been born Sept 1828 in Cappamore) siblings. Have only come up with other brother, a Patrick reported to have been born 1845 in Cappamore, a son of John Burke and Margaret Gaven. When one considers the time difference between 1828 and 1845 surely there were other offspring born between these years to John and Margaret, when... pardon the pun "there was no TV in those days" for entertainment. Will take a look at the grave sites after I get this message away to you.

    Thank you for your help. I do know the satisfaction one gets through co-operation as I have done my duty over the years regarding same. In my mind all knowledge should be shared.

    Kind regards and stay healthy,

    Peter Burke, Australia.



    Monday 12th Apr 2021, 03:34AM
  • Hi again Peter,  Yes Turagh was a townland in Cappamore.

    Gap between  1828 and 1844  , scarce but not unusual as they married very young.

    Have you searched for marriages in some of the neighbouring parishes.

    Have you done DNA, test, its  amazing the material you find in the absence of Registers.

    Stay in touch, and if I find more material will send it to you.

    Christina , Irelandxo Volunteer.


    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 15th Apr 2021, 11:16AM
  • Hello Christina,

    Been absent from the site for a while hoping something may turn up, but alas no cigar.

    Yes, I have had my DNA test done.

    Not much headway, sometimes I think they must have dropped in from the stars.

    But the search continues. Many thanks to Carolyn and yourself for all the help.




    Tuesday 25th May 2021, 03:08AM

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