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Looking for members of the Boyle family who could be related to my ggGrandfather Thomas Eugene Boyle. 

Sherri Boyle Hendrix

Tuesday 4th August 2020, 02:30PM

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  • Hi Sherri:  

    Can you give us some more information about the Boyle family?  And specifically about your great-great grandfather Thomas Eugene Boyle?

     Many thanks.  

    All the best,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 6th August 2020, 11:53AM
  • All I know is that he left Ireland when he was 17. He was joined by two brothers. I don't know their names. I don't think they travelled together as I can't find any manifest with 3 Boyle's on a ship. He was supposed to settle in the Purchase Area. He showed up in Mississippi County Missouri. He married Ellen Parker and had three children, one of which was my gGrandfather James Henry Boyle. He disappeared around 1884 supposedly to return to Ireland to receive his inheritance. There is no information after that. 

    Sherri Boyle Hendrix

    Friday 7th August 2020, 01:02AM