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The Brady's/McBrady's came from St. John's Point, Killaghtee Parish.  They were Catholic.  They came to Canada in 1837.  However, the Catholic church at Killaghtee wasn't built until 1843.  Where would the family have gone to church prior to that?  I'm trying to find baptismal records in order to find Daniel Mc Brady's parents. Daniel ws born abt 1818-20.

Thank you for any help anyone can give me.


Ontario, Canada.


Sunday 27th December 2020, 01:52AM

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  • Sher:

    Unfortunately, Co. Donegal is the most difficult county to find pre-1850 RC church records. You will not find any baptismal records for you McBrady/Brady family. Killybegs records for baptisms start in 1850

    This link  provides an 1837 snapshot of the parish ogf Killaghtee. It is written from the perspective of the Church of Ireland activities but there is a mention of a church being built in Killybegs. My guess is that there was a chapel of some form in Killybegs and likely the marriage and baptisms occurred there (or the priest came to their dwelling for the baptisms).

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 27th December 2020, 02:14PM
  • Roger:

    Many thsnks for this information.  I've used John Grenham's sites before, and likely went to this one too, but because it didn't say Killaghtee, I didn't click on the link.  I'll go and look at it and see what I  can see.   I was wondering if they went all the way over to Killybegs.  He said he was from St. John's Point, but I wonder if he was from Dunkineely or Bruckless, as he was a wagon maker and could do better business in a town than in the barren countryside as St. John's Point appears to be/appears to have been. Many thanks for this.


    Monday 28th December 2020, 05:43PM
  • Sher,

    I believe the Brady/McBrady surname was very uncommon in SW Donegal and I do not see it in the 1833 Tithe Applotment record for Killaghtee Parish.  However, I do know a number of families in the Kilcar/Glencolumbkille parishes (just a litte west of Killaghtee) with the McBrearty surname changed it to Brady/McBrady when they emigrated to the US..  There were two McBrearty families resident in KIllaghtee in that 1833 Tithe record (when you would expect to see them there), one in Barnhill and another in Ramoy. I think this is likely your family.

    1834 Tithe Applotment Book - Killaghtee Parish, Co Donegal (





    John Dougherty

    Friday 29th January 2021, 11:00PM
  • Many thanks for your reply, John.  This may well prove to be the right people.  I DID see the McBrearty name during my research and I DID add it to the list to be considered.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!



    Sunday 31st January 2021, 04:49PM