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Good afternoon. In the Catholic Parish Registers I found a baptismal record for Bridget Mullany. Here are the particulars:

Birth: 1779

Baptism: 14 February 1779

Tipperary, Cahir, Ireland

Mum: Catharina Tierney

Dad: ?

I am hoping someone there can take a quick look at this record and tell me the dad's name. I know this is in Latin, but I can't make it out. Thanks so much for your kindness and help.


With gratitude,


J Moe

Monday 8th Aug 2022, 04:04PM

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  • Looks like 'Dionisii' to me - so Denis, in Latin ending etc can change depending on the context - Dionisius, Dionisius, Dionysius.

    Sponsors (godparents) appear to be John Reedy[?] and Margareta Hickey (Joannes / Margerita)

    see the last entry on the left side of this page

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 04:16PM

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