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Brigid/Bridget treacy

Hello, I'm hopeing someone will have some information to help me. I have been trying to research into my great grandmother Bridget Tracey born between 1900/1920 was told limerick. I have done ancestry dna and uploaded to most dna websites and still no luck! 
She was married three times. First marriage to someone hickey he died young and she had one son with him named Noel hickey l. She then remarried to a John griffin and had three children. Possibly still alive so won't post names. She left them in Ireland and moved to London and married my grandad Edward Carey and had my Nan Patrica Carey. Bridget moved back to limerick and died around 1973-77 sorry for lack of information. My mum remembers Bridget had a sister they called queeny'  I have searched for the last six months and still no further forward tryed difference spellings ect unfortunately still no luck. 
thanks Amy 







Tuesday 25th August 2020, 06:59AM

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