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Brigit Talty (Born 1830s Glendine) and Patrick O'Hara (born 1831 Tulla)


There has been a thread on Ireland XO regarding my great great grandparents Brigit and Patrick back in 2012 and would love to make contact with anyone connected wtih this family. A Mike Logan, who is likewise a descendent and based in NZ was writing about them and it would be great to connect with him again.   If there is anyone else related, it would be great to connect with you too!  I am in Ireland at the moment and taking a trip down to Clare to see Miltown Malbray and Tulla in the next few days.  Patrick's parents were Bernard and Catherine Walsh, and Brigit's were either Mary Cory and Peter Talty.  She was born in Glendine.  Brigit and Patrick married in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia before emigrating to NZ - and both Mike Logan and I descended from their children albeit not having ever met or even known each other! I would be particularly keen for any photos of the extended family or to know if there are any of the family remaining in Clare or Ireland. Thanks.





Friday 21st December 2018, 09:04PM

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  • Hi! I am related to Talty from Miltown, County Clare. My 5th grandfather is Peter Talty and a Catherine. My fourth great grandparents are  Margaret Moroney and Peter Talty. My third great grandparents are Thomas Talty b. 1815 Miltown married to Norry Kennelly and Catherine Ryan Talty. My 2nd great grandparents are Bridget Talty b.1851 and she married Jerimiah "Darby" O'malley. Jane

    Thursday 27th December 2018, 08:11PM
  • ps. Great granparents are Michael O'Malley b. 1877 and Catherine Callinan b. 1881

    Thursday 27th December 2018, 08:12PM
  • Your Bridget b.1831 (My 4th great aunt) may be the a daughter of Peter Talty and Margaret Moroney. Siblings Andrew, Joan, Margaret, Mary, Patrick, James and Michael Talty.

    Thursday 27th December 2018, 08:16PM
  • Hi, Bridget Talty and Patrick O'Hara are also my 2 x great grandparents. My records have Bridget baptised in Milltown Malbray on 29 June 1839 with her parents being Peter Talty (1810 - 1878) and Mary  Talty (Corry). She married Patrick O'Hara from Tulla, Clare in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia on 21 July 1859 where they must have been prospecting for gold before moving to St Bathans, Central Otago, New Zealand around 1866 where they lived for the remainder of their lives as gold miners and farmers. Several of my family members are travelling to Southern Ireland in June 2019 (from NZ) and will make a special trip to Milltown Malbray and surrounding district for a look around. I too would be very appreciative on any further information regarding this line of the Taltys and or O'Haras.

    Several family members have taken dna tests which confirm a strong Irish connection and specific areas listed genetic communities to North Munster, West Clare,North West Clare, Loop Head Peninsula. Hence another reason to travel to Clare.

    Wednesday 16th January 2019, 07:38AM
  • Hi Jane and Tony - many thanks for your replies (and apologies for the delay in responding Jane - Xmas madness!).  Tony - it would be lovely to think I could meet up with you all in June!  I am most likely still to be here.  I have been in contact with two people that would be helpful for you - one is Brid Tutly who is a veritable oracle on all things Talty and still lives in Miltown Mowbray. Accordong to Brid our family was located in Silver Hill (500 meters or so up the hill from Glendine).  You can see it on google earth, just farmland, but can report the views of the coastline are superb from up there!  I went there just after Xmas. According to Brid, Giles Talty (Bridget's grandfather) was able to secure more land than normal from the landlord due to his horsemanship and likely assistance in the horse racing meets popular back then and lucrative business.  As a reward landlords paid with extra land and reduced rent.  The land was shared with the Earles who managed to acquire the full holding from Giles's son, Peter Giles (Gilly) in less than admirable circumstances.  Apparently they still have the land. It was this that triggered the move to Australia by the then adult children.  The parents stayed behind, not faring too well.  Apparently, the remains of the house are still visible, and Brid is happy to show those interested. Brid's email is .  There is also a webpage from a talty reunion still on the net, and Brid has written a book which she is adding to this year - plus some short stories on the early family, both of which will be nice to read, and referenced on this webpage.  Dont think there were many NZ Talty's that attended the reunion. I also went up to East Clare and whizzed through Tulla (I only had an afternoon to drive through both areas), thankfully do-able!).  Have to say that it is a lovely part of the country too.  Both are well worth visiting for their own sake!  The second contact is Mike Logan who descended from the eldest brother.  His email is  He provided a griffiths valuation property reference held by a Catherine O'Hara (patrick's mother?).  I looked up the map reference which usefully overlays a present day view and it appears that the building on the old griffiths map is either still standing and occupied, or alternatively a new one put directly in its place. Need to check that with Mike. Anwhow, thank you both so much for getting in touch. I am sure you have much to share also Jane.  I do intend to go back to visit Clare in tne next few months and it would be nice to meet both you (if you are also located in Clare) and Brid.  Best, Liz




    Wednesday 16th January 2019, 11:44PM
  • Hi Tony  - just a quick one, how did you take a DNA test? Would be interested in doing one myself.  Thanks, Liz 

    Wednesday 16th January 2019, 11:46PM
  • Thanks Liz, that is a fantastic story! I will make sure contact is made with yourself and Brid Talty in the near future. The dna tests were through AncestryDNA which is the most popular and used company in NZ. In recent times, with increased technology they have managed to become more accurate and defined with genetic communities within regions and family dna circles. In our circumstances they also matched our paper based family trees which is a great validation. I see that Mike Logan has submitted many newspaper clippings and documents regarding the O'Hara's and Talty's that are available with AncestryDNA. Thanks again and I will be in touch. Cheers, Tony.

    Thursday 17th January 2019, 07:07AM
  • Hi Liz,

    I was going through some other recent posts of yours and note that your Great Grandmother from the Patrick O'Hara and Bridget O'Hara (Talty) marriage was Clare O'Hara. My Great Grandmother from this union was Clara O'Hara born in St Bathans, Otago in 1881, the youngest of their children. Do you know if this Clare/ Clara is the same person or sisters?

    Thanks, Tony

    Friday 18th January 2019, 08:15AM
  • Sorry Tony, my great great grandmother was Mary not Clara. My grandmother was called Clare and must got them confused - put it down to jet lag!

    Friday 18th January 2019, 10:00AM
  • Hi all! The Bridget Talty I have my 4th great aunt was born Abt 1831 in Miltown County Clare. Parents Peter Talty and Margaret Moroney.  Then Bridget Talty b. 1850 Clohanmore Miltown County Clare. Parents Thomas Talty and Honora Kennelly. Hope this helps!? Jane

    Saturday 19th January 2019, 06:09PM
  • My GGGrandfather was William Earls, married to Mary Talty. I went to the Talty family get together in 2017, with some 1st and 2nd cousins from Sydney, organised by Brid Talty. Brid knows just about everything there is to know about the Talty family and has done extensive research. You can access her data base via Talty Family Roots. There were other Australian Talty Family descendants there along with lots of Americans. I am not sure if there was anyone there from NZ.



    Sunday 17th February 2019, 10:46PM