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Im looking for any information on David Brown. He would be my Great grandfather and we believe he was born in early 1900s as his wife Annie Craig was born in 1904 and we believe they were of a similar age. 

Im struggling to find any information on him. Although he lived in county antrim he drowned here but was recovered in scotland. im finding it very difficult to find any records of this. My granny was meant to be around 18 at the time so im guessing his death occured around the year of 1960 however i cannot find anything to back this up. 

Also any information on his parents, siblings, where he was born etc would be greatly appreciared as we have no information before his marriage. 


Nicole Nevin

Tuesday 28th July 2020, 02:02PM

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  • Nicole,

    David Brown's marriage to Annie Craig was on 4.8.1926 and regd in Ballymena. If you view that certificate on the GRONI website (which will cost you £2.50) it should give you David's father's name and occupation. Also David's address/townland which may help with the search. If you post that information here, I'll try and find his birth details.

    Can't help you with his death. That might have been registered in Scotland. Do you know where the body was found in Scotland and I'll look for a possible death?


    Tuesday 28th July 2020, 06:15PM
  • Thank you so much for your help!

     His Fathers name was John Brown and he was a farmer, lived in Outal/Killymurris. 

    I have found out he was found in Islay island in Scotland i believe. 


    Nicole Nevin

    Tuesday 28th July 2020, 09:42PM
  • Nicole,

    I think I have found your family. David Wilson Brown was born at Outal on 3.11.1894 to John Brown & Ellen Buchanan. I have found them in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. I also looked up his sister Edith's birth to cross check it was the same family. So that's attached as well. David's father John died in 1941. And David died in 1964. David left a will which should be in PRONI (in paper format) if you wanted to read it. His father died intestate but there should still be a file with some information. If you go in person you can copy them yourself, free. (When PRONI re-opens of course).

    The 1964 probate abstract says David died in Ballintoy. However there's no death certificate in Northern Ireland that matches that. But you said he was found on Islay. I couldn't find a death there but I did find one on Colonsay which is the next significant island north of Islay, so I'd say that's where his body was actually found. The Scotlandspeople site has a record of a death for David Wilson Brown aged 69 in 1964. Registered in Colonsay. GROS ref: 539/2 2. You can view that on the Scotlandspeople site if you register and buy some credits.


    1901 census:


    Brown, David of Outal Glarryford Ballymena county Antrim farmer died 15 September 1964 at Ballintoy county Antrim Probate Belfast 8 January to Thomas Gregg Buchanan farmer and George Hunter Boggs manufacturer. Effects £3783.

    Brown John of Outal Glarryford county Antrim farmer died 14 July 1941 Administration Belfast 21 March to David Brown farmer. Effects £215.

    Edith's birth:

    David Wilson Brown:




    Tuesday 28th July 2020, 11:32PM
  • Thank You for all your help!!

    Nicole Nevin

    Wednesday 29th July 2020, 11:21AM